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Sun, March 24

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Toni Denis
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Recently, a friend of mine who served on a jury in Yavapai County heard a case in which a young man who was a medical marijuana user was stopped for speeding.

By Toni Denis October 26, 2016

Dear Ms. Tur, I am a Prescott resident and I want to apologize to you for the extreme over-reaction of some of the people at the recent Trump rally who were offended by your news report describing the county (Yavapai) in which the rally was held.

By Toni Denis October 12, 2016

I met Dick Cooper in the twilight of his life, after he had been diagnosed with a rare brain disorder.

By Toni Denis September 28, 2016

My mother-in-law, may she rest in peace, used to say that if you knew how most wealthy people got their money, you probably wouldn’t want to associate with them.

By Toni Denis September 15, 2016

During my summer vacation, I had time to think about words, one of my favorite subjects.

By Toni Denis August 31, 2016

A report from scientists at the University of Copenhagen last week found that the Greenland Shark is the oldest known living vertebrate, with several identified as more than 200 years old.

By Toni Denis August 17, 2016

As a contrast to the Republican convention, in which the bleak rhetoric made one expect to see an apocalyptic world outside, the Democratic National Convention brought the light of reason to Philadelphia, the City of Brotherly Love and birthplace of the Constitution.

By Toni Denis August 3, 2016

A friend recently shared a story with me about Brexit—Great Britian’s referendum as to whether it should exit from the European Union.

By Toni Denis July 20, 2016

Our recent outing at Highland Center’s Shakespeare play All’s Well that End’s Well on a fair late summer day Inspires this writer to rhyme on the four-day weekend

By Toni Denis July 6, 2016

The Arizona legislature never ceases to amaze with its passage of bills that are either self-destructive, symbolic or solve non-existing problems, but Gov. “Dark Money” Ducey and the legislators surpassed themselves in 2016 with bills that go beyond the usual ridiculousness and into the realm of nefariousness.

By Toni Denis June 22, 2016

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