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11:37 AM Sun, Nov. 18th

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Tom Cantlon

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Cantlon: The Dells ... it’s not about property rights, it’s about negotiation

In a Talk of the Town a little while back, Councilman Jim Lamerson made the case that the developer who wants to put houses and condos in the middle of the Granite Dells should be able to do what they want, and any suggestions of special limitations are out of line, because of private property rights.

Cantlon: Claims of the other side’s hate shouldn’t be repeated

In a column last Sunday, in this paper, syndicated columnist Michael Reagan chose to accuse those who disagree with him of having nothing but hate.

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Tom Cantlon: A positive note about some dedicated people

Want to read something positive? There’s a quote I’ll share with you but let me mention where it comes from.

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Cantlon: Out-of-control banks at center of 2008 crash

Would you like a very simple, clear explanation of what led to the financial crash of 2008? I have one I can link you to.

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Cantlon: How to improve the city’s hotel deal process

The new hotel deal the city just made (see the Aug. 24 paper) has some good points but had some bad process. Here are some suggestions for improving it.

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Cantlon: Nuns are back on bus tour, this time targeting tax cuts

The Nuns on the Bus are doing a tour to raise awareness about the negative effects of the 2017 tax cut, which mostly benefited corporations and the top (wealthy), and the efforts to undo access to health care.

Cantlon: What does the heat have you thinking about?

As hot as it’s been around here lately it got me to thinking about climate change. That and a host of recent news pieces.

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Cantlon: News that indicates more than it appears

Here are a handful of notable news pieces that might indicate more than they look like on the surface, which I’ll expound on below.

Cantlon: A balanced solution to asylum, and we get played again

There’s an article on immigration that is informative and gives solid steps that could improve things in a balanced way.

Cantlon: Walking with the grieving


In Yarnell, the tips of the flames contain whatever the fire relentlessly declares is done.

Cantlon: Here’s how much things are set against you

That financial and legal systems mostly favor the top, even to the point of ignoring harm to the rest, is such a given that it isn’t even hidden.

Cantlon: Monopolies and your home becoming a closed system

Life is becoming one big set of monopolies and near-monopolies: Facebook, Twitter, Google, whichever phone service covers your area best, single-source pharmaceuticals, Amazon.

Cantlon: Should locals need to align with leadership more?

The great pride most locals hold for our area is valuable, but it can be undermined if they don’t think local leadership sees things the same way.

Cantlon: Teachers, don’t be nice

Striking teachers need to not worry about being nice.

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Cantlon: Syria, yes, but consult Congress

Trump’s bombing of Syria was good, but how he used the military in this case was bad.

Cantlon: Changes that would actually help people

If any candidate or party really wants to change things for people, real change, not phony change or favors to the top disguised as change, there are plenty of ways to do it.

Cantlon: We didn’t believe previous signs, and now…

An important change in conservative politics is being foreshadowed.

Cantlon column: Good news! And lots of it

The world and the nation have gotten much better over the long run on a host of issues.

Cantlon Column: The best we can have is control, not healing

Those of us who find the current political situation to be crazy might hope that it’s just a momentary lapse of reason.

Cantlon Column: Who knew regulators could do this

Regulators have just forced Wells Fargo to replace four of its board members because of the bank’s repeated criminal behavior.

Column: A refund on your sales tax

We need a really big refund to wage earners against state and local sales tax.

Column: Leaders who think you’re lazy

I loathe the attitude of those leaders who think the American people are crap. There are numerous who do.

Column: Why those holidays feel good

As I like to remind each year, the holidays just past are a time that pull us many ways.

Column: Housing developments, your role

There’s been a lot of criticism of the recent Deep Well Ranch development approval.

Column: Column Supreme Court’s ridiculous naiveté

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, (D-NJ) just escaped conviction for corruption because of a hung jury.

Column: Preferring Putin over U.S. interests

Trump has taken a step that, in any other time, for any other high office holder, or by any other president, would be the end of the line.

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Column: Pictures and poison

Lots to cover, short space: A photo of football players dancing was modified to look like a flag burning, then distributed widely.

Column: White Supremacists reject Christianity

White supremacists don’t like Christian principles or basic American values, but their ideas are spreading and mingling with the edges of traditional conservativism, so traditional conservatives need to clearly know the difference and make their position known.

Column: Dangerous buttons, and not the nuclear one

Knees, distractions, and the finger on the button; and no, not the nuclear button.

Column: North Korea, switch to containment

On North Korea the only option we aren’t considering is the only one that’s likely to come true; that North Korea simply becomes one more country with nuclear missiles, much like Pakistan.

Column: A national change for labor

With Labor Day just passed, I was thinking about what could improve things for workers.

Column: Charlottesville, the full equation

I apologize for having to write about something as depressing as racism, so I promise to end with something positive.

Column: Prescott, the entrepreneur magnet

Regardless who wins the city elections, here is a different idea for an economic development program.

Column: What you missed at candidate forums

Here's additional information on council candidates and the proposition 443 pension tax. Also some suggestions, not about specific candidates, but things to consider in their information.

Column: Daily life in a great community

If your daily life keeps you mostly in the nicer parts of Prescott, you could hardly find a more pleasant place to carry out the day-to-day of life, could you?

Column: The fires of human culture

Driving down to Phoenix just after Highway 69 reopened brought up two parallel topics.

Column: Column Common ground beneath the headlines

Here’s an issue where the interests of right and left overlap. With the economy, on the surface there’s division, but underneath there’s a common complaint.

Column: Mistakes, there and here

While trouble Trumples along, serious problems need attending. Two items.

Column: News, and something you can do

Three quick topics: First: I’ve posted a piece on ReaderSupportedNews which I hope rises to their “most popular” list.

Column: Serious problems, amateur distractions

We don't have time for all this D.C. crap – for leaders, and the top leader especially, creating drama and chaos.

Column: Democrats’ quiet victory

Democrats’ internal debates over messaging has distracted from even taking credit for a big recent victory.