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Tom Cantlon
Courier Columnist

Tom Cantlon is a local columnists for The Daily Courier in Prescott, Arizona.

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There are yet more crazy, and bad things going on with Prescott city government and water.

By Tom Cantlon January 5, 2021
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My annual holiday message slightly adapted for a very different kind of year.

By Tom Cantlon December 22, 2020
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Current status and issues and problems with saving the Dells and with water generally.

By Tom Cantlon November 24, 2020
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It’s Veterans Day and I have a mix of positive feelings and concerns for how they are treated.

By Tom Cantlon November 10, 2020
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A kind thought toward the Trump supporters who I'm normally critical of.

By Tom Cantlon October 27, 2020
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We can’t allow those who create endless outrages in the news to own every part of our minds. For one, there’s also art. I got fascinated with artistic empathy recently. What’s that? It’s the term I use to describe when an artist has a special and deep understanding of other people and can share some insight into that with us.

By Tom Cantlon October 13, 2020
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This is a petition for all of us in the Prescott area to take a breath. With concern about violence in some big cities and talking heads saying it's a plot to destroy the country we could easily push ourselves needlessly into violence, or at the least break from constructive disagreement to thinking fellow locals are enemies intent on doing each other harm, physically or otherwise.

By Tom Cantlon October 6, 2020
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This had to be written and turned in before last night's debate but here's a description of what a dignified debate might have been. I'll assume both candidates won depending on your criteria.

By Tom Cantlon September 29, 2020
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Friends around Prescott anticipate the election because we think things will suddenly change. Not as fast as we think. Following are reasons why it’s going to be a dangerous year. But since so much commentary, including my own, tends to be dark these days, I promise to try to find a lighter topic sometime before the election, news at all permitting.

By Tom Cantlon September 15, 2020
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Are we close? To maybe, finally acknowledging that modern conservatism is empty? That there's no there, there?

By Tom Cantlon September 1, 2020

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