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1:07 AM Sun, Sept. 23rd

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Tim Wiederaenders

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Friday Catchall: Keep resolutions? How about no drunk driving!

The Friday Catchall: • RESOLVE — Ready for a healthier new year? How about one that is better financially?

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Column: Give one of these 10 gifts to education, youth

Education is an intangible for most people. Few of us fully grasp the concept, especially public education (K-12).

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Strange lights in sky were rocket launch

SpaceX delivers satellites into space

Did you see something bright in the sky Friday night? You likely saw the effects of the 18th launch and final mission of the year for SpaceX.

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Friday Catchall: ‘Christmas City’ designation safe?

Christmas, already? Many gifts are bought, yet awaiting my wrapping skills (huh!).

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Friday Catchall: Give this season, like ‘the good witch’

The Friday Catchall: • GOOD GIVING! – Her name is “Glenda, like the witch,” she said quickly.

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Column: Wolf recovery – a journey through politics

Sometimes where you are in life – such as your age or where you live – can steer your views.

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Friday Catchall: Deep in growth, dirty dark money

When I moved my family here more than 20 years ago, I never imagined our rural “ranch” would be surrounded by hundreds of homes.

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Friday Catchall: Did I eat that much turkey? (and Flying High totals)

Have you recuperated yet from Thanksgiving?

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Column: From turkey to toys, it is great to give

The holidays are my favorite time of year. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Eve exude family, food and fun.

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Friday Catchall: Break from nonpartisan blackout

A dull roar has gone up since the City of Prescott elections, with some Courier readers stating it is not fair that a candidate pushed their party affiliation in a nonpartisan race.

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Friday Catchall: Fly our flags, honor veterans

The Friday Catchall: • FLAGS — Our Grand Old Flag, the Stars and Stripes of the USA, has not generated more controversy than whether to kneel or not, except when it was all the rage to burn it or wear it.

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Friday Catchall: Burglary trend spurs in-action?

The Friday Catchall: • BURGLARIES — When you know vehicle burglaries are happening in your area, why would you leave your car unlocked?

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Column: Tales of lost souls, shadows and specters

Ghosts, spooks and specters haunt my thoughts at this time of year: is it magic or a trick — or are they real, like stories with concrete evidence not fully materializing.

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Friday Catchall: The lost art of counting back change

Back in the day, cashiers had to know the prices of all their store’s products.

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Friday Catchall: Give and take — it never ends for taxes, food and APS

The Friday Catchall this week is about giving and taking: • TAXES – We hate ’em and the government wants them.

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Friday Catchall: Hear NIMBYs roar in this nanny state

The Friday Catchall: • NOISE – Music (rather, its noise) took center stage at the Prescott City Council meeting Tuesday, when the city’s noise ordinance was up for review.

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Column: ‘Only the Brave’ is not for everyone

My take: Good movie, wrong time.

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Friday Catchall: What is your measure of success?

Often we do stories here at the Courier about people whom most would say are successful.

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Friday Catchall: Water, dog doo-doo, tax cuts weigh heavily

The Friday Catchall: • WATER – Water is the lifeblood of the Southwest. You begin to understand that quickly when you learn about the Central Arizona Project – a concrete ditch that supplies water from Lake Havasu to Phoenix.

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Column: Thrill seekers, use your heads!

It all comes down to life choices. We often hear about stupid things children do — having fun, seeking a thrill, being adventurous, they say.

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Friday Catchall: Campaign signs are not for stealing

The Friday Catchall: • HERE’S YOUR SIGN – Campaign signs — love ’em or hate ’em — they’re not for stealing.

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Friday Catchall: Paying pension debt now or later?

It is a little confusing to say the least when candidates or elected officials cross back and forth on issues. When it comes to the City of Prescott’s pension debt (unfunded liability) it has gone something like this:

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Column: Let’s honor women, their breast cancer battles

A woman close to you is likely to develop breast cancer.

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Friday Catchall: Blown away by bugs, scams, ’Riders

The Friday Catchall: • HURRICANES – While Irma has ripped through the Caribbean on its way to Florida this weekend, it must have been a slow news day for the media drawn to the destruction in Houston like insects to a light.

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Friday Catchall: Confederate gold gave birth to Prescott

The Friday Catchall: • CONFEDERATES – Prescott exists because of the Civil War and gold.

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Column: Take down Confederate monuments? Not so fast

Want to take down all of those monuments dedicated to the Civil War?

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Friday Catchall: Voters thinking pensions … and pool?

The Friday Catchall: • CHALLENGES – The Prescott election is winding down, yet we have not heard much from the people who matter – the voters.

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Friday Catchall: Be prepared for traffic; pack patience

The Friday Catchall: • INTERSTATE – While southbound Interstate 17 was closed again Tuesday for a time – because of a crash near Black Canyon City – several readers chimed in on the monumental shutdown that was Aug. 8.

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Column: Take privilege of voting seriously

I have always looked upon voting as a privilege. I feel connected to the process — good or bad — after I give my choices.

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Column: When should you call 911?

When it comes to services within a municipality, health and welfare are tops — or should be.

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Friday Catchall: Trapped on I-17; what would you do?

The Friday Catchall: • TRAPPED – What would you do — what can you do — if stuck on Interstate 17 behind a crash or disaster? Just sit and wait.

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Column: Laws to make people follow laws?

They are called Phantom Plates, Ghost Plates, Block Plates, even “Loover” plates. On Wednesday, they will be illegal in Arizona.

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Friday Catchall: Prescott monsoon make waves, spiders

The Friday Catchall: • WEATHER – One thing most people love to talk about is the weather.

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Column: What has happened to our politics?

A nagging question has been hanging on for some time now: what has happened to our politics?

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Friday Catchall: Hold onto your doctor, not property

When it comes to items of sentimental value, I’m a sucker. I have held onto things from throughout my life just because they mean something to me.

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Column: Dying over diesel comes down to what?

Like everyone else, I too have been shrouded in a cloud of exhaust from a diesel vehicle as one takes off in front of me from a stop.

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Friday Catchall: Wildlife, developers cross paths; mini-tumbleweeds?

You may call it self-serving, but really it is where wildlife and nature cross paths with developers.

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Column: What’s behind that smell of smoke?

I had wanted to pen an eloquent editorial for today — about state politics or local events — but when I sat down to write, all I could think about was Saturday morning’s happenings.

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Smoke blowing in from east; no local fires reported

Two fires burning east of Sunset Point, Bloody Basin

Smoke stretching across the Prescott area on Saturday is from a fire burning elsewhere, officials say.

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Column: Rain drops everywhere, just not at my house

When it rains, it pours – just not everywhere.

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Column: When are children old enough to stay home alone?

Raising our future leaders is never a simple endeavor, especially during school breaks.

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Fire officials reopen Hwy. 69; blaze now 44% contained

Orders of pre-evacuation lifted

The status of the Goodwin Fire on Friday was marked by positive developments: the re-opening of Highway 69, the lifting of all pre-evacuation orders as well as some others, and firefighters gaining more ground.

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Friday Catchall: Fireworks during fire restrictions, only in America!

I consider myself patriotic like many folks in the Quad-Cities, and this time of year offers a feast with fireworks on top.

Friday Catchall: Monument going up, huge water ruling?

The Friday Catchall: • MONUMENT — “Freedom is not free.”

Column: Common sense has left the country

This comes as no surprise to me, we’ve been down this road before.

Column: To cross the road takes one brave chicken

Why did the chicken cross the road – at the crosswalk? Consider that crossing a road is a risky proposition, especially during the summer when more children are out of school and about town – darting from behind parked cars or chasing a wayward ball.

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Friday Catchall: Ol’ Blue Eyes returns to Prescott

The Friday Catchall: • FRANK – Ol’ Blue Eyes is back.

Column: Predictions: Do you need a crystal ball?

Oh, to have a crystal ball — life would be so much easier.

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Friday Catchall: Small world, cheesy, but small

SCOTLAND? – You never know, wherever you may be, there just might be a connection to Prescott, Arizona.

Column: Memorial Day has solemn meaning

Today is Memorial Day, which is at the tail end of a three-day weekend, but it’s not about what you may think.