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Friday Catchall: State budget is first step for education

We all learned Thursday morning lawmakers in the Arizona Legislature approved the state budget including a lot of education funding.

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Friday Catchall: ‘Better’ for panhandling’s silent victims

The Friday Catchall: • HOMELESS 2 – I caught up with Mayor Greg Mengarelli this week to talk about “Change for the Better” and how it works with the city’s 2013 ordinance that restricts panhandling.

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Friday Catchall: Homeless effort without teeth?

The latest effort by the City of Prescott to strike a balance — between the homeless and the people they come in contact with — took two steps forward and at least one step back this week.

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Friday Catchall: Give me … a home, news & a 20% raise!

The homeless issue is one that everyone should understand.

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Friday Catchall: Don’t get burned, hang up; and what about teachers?!

It is a simple concept, one for which I cannot count how many times I’ve written about it in this space: be careful out there, we live in wildfire country.

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Friday Catchall: Teachers, guns means costly training; just don’t text me

The Friday Catchall: • GUNS AT SCHOOL — Maybe teachers carrying guns is not the best of ideas. One of my answers to the “safe schools” concept is to arm teachers, and employ veterans and retired police as armed security.

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Wiederaenders: Give the gift of music to a local student

Music is in my soul, but most of the instruments were not my own.

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Friday Catchall: Keep schools safe and love the Dells!

The Friday Catchall: • SAFE SCHOOLS — Our state’s governor, Doug Ducey, has it partly correct when it comes to making schools safe.

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Wiederaenders: Explore the history of the Prescott area with us

Beauty. Forests. Mile high. Four seasons. Rural.

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Friday Catchall: Bot calls, scams & NCAA prompt green beer

While you are gearing up for the annual green fest downtown, known as the St. Patty’s Day Pub Crawl, from 1 to 7 p.m. Saturday, March 17, consider the following — which I hope gives you a laugh and also may fuel your desire for another green beer.

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