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Sandy Griffis

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We are contemplating installing pavers for our driveway and are a little nervous about the installation process, the disruption of travel in and out of the garage, and hope that you have some YCCA’s helpful hints. — Lewis and Margaret, Prescott.

By Sandy Griffis February 21, 2019

As Kermit the Frog would say “It’s not easy bein’ green; it seems you blend in with so many other ordinary things.”

By Sandy Griffis February 14, 2019

Wow, I had no idea our column last week on owner-supplied materials would cause a rash of emails, phone calls and thumbs-up.

By Sandy Griffis February 7, 2019
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We are receiving a “rash” of phone calls lately from homeowners who have purchased materials/products and are calling for a referrals of contractors to perform installation of the material and/or products.

By Sandy Griffis January 31, 2019

This week was full of contract issues from homeowners.

By Sandy Griffis January 24, 2019
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Twenty-eight fabulous young adults exited the first week of the YCCA Job Readiness Boot Camp with smiles and high-fives, and I left the building with a glorious smile in my heart.

By Sandy Griffis January 17, 2019
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Excitement, anticipation, thrill, all of these feelings and more when YCCA opened the doors to our Job Workforce Bootcamp on Monday, Jan. 7.

By Sandy Griffis January 10, 2019

Happy New Year! It is never too late. Every day, people pass up opportunities to make a difference in our community.

By Sandy Griffis January 3, 2019
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At least three to four times a month I receive calls from homeowners asking for the number to verify utility lines on their property.

By Sandy Griffis December 27, 2018

While I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, I also realize that it has been an extremely tough year for many Americans, and our own community of families and friends.

By Sandy Griffis December 20, 2018
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As a trusted resource for our local contractors, tradesmen and citizens in our communities, I often receive phone calls and/or emails from business owners unrelated to the trades or construction and more directed to business operation and management.

By Sandy Griffis December 13, 2018

This past week there were three phone calls relating to “water hammers” and three phone calls asking about how to replace broken garage door windows. Let’s talk water hammers first.

By Sandy Griffis December 6, 2018
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There have been several calls over the past month from homeowners inquiring about various remodeling components to improve their home.

By Sandy Griffis November 29, 2018
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This last weekend, our guest on “Hammer Time” (YCCA’s talk show on KQNA) was the delightful Christy Board, our area’s Certified Bath and Kitchen Designer.

By Sandy Griffis November 27, 2018
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The Thanksgiving holiday, above all others, brings to my mind so many different thoughts.

By Sandy Griffis November 15, 2018
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Last week we received a call from a homeowner who was interested in installing a heated driveway.

By Sandy Griffis November 8, 2018
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Contracting without a license can have a variety of negative consequences for the person or persons who engage in it.

By Sandy Griffis November 1, 2018

We are approaching our winter weather, and from experience our weather can take a toll on more than just our cars and our attitudes. Concrete walks, driveway, steps all take a pounding from the elements and the deicing chemicals that we apply.

By Sandy Griffis October 25, 2018
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We recently moved to Yavapai County from Maine and are not sure what to expect for winter preparation here in the “desert.”

By Sandy Griffis October 18, 2018

We were out the other evening and heard the term universal design being discussed at a table.

By Sandy Griffis October 10, 2018
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Not a week goes by when I do not receive calls from contractors near and far looking for employees.

By Sandy Griffis October 4, 2018
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You know I love construction and the industry. This column has to do with building heart, soul, determination, endurance and girl grit.

By Sandy Griffis September 27, 2018
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We recently purchased a lot in unincorporated Yavapai County and will be installing a septic system.

By Sandy Griffis September 20, 2018
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We just bought a lovely home; however, it has been badly neglected with yard care, maintenance and upkeep....

By Sandy Griffis September 13, 2018

There are back! On my 5-mile walks over this past Labor Day weekend, I noticed the “littles” are jumping around, and believe me it never is good to see young, tiny grasshoppers hatching and jumping around.

By Sandy Griffis September 6, 2018

A glimpse in the rearview mirror may look distant to some and unfamiliar to others, but the dusty dirt road from 1961’s Home Builders Association as it morphed into the YCCA of today remains compacted with years of industry pride, commitment, collaboration and a modern sheen, paved with the sweat of four generations.

By Sandy Griffis August 30, 2018
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With our monsoon season upon us and the dissipation of lightning, surge protection has become a much more complex and important issue because the value of electronic equipment in a typical home has increased enormously.

By Sandy Griffis August 23, 2018

Seriously, at the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me repeat and let me refer to what I am sure seems to you my constant and annoying repetition of this particular statement:

By Sandy Griffis August 16, 2018
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Last week I made a delivery to a local countertop/cabinet businesses and in walking through the showroom, I ran my hand across a full-size kitchen island countertop displayed in a vignette and immediately said to the owner, “Oh, my gosh, what type of material is this?” I was told it was granite. I said, “Granite?” with disbelief and skepticism.

By Sandy Griffis August 9, 2018
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The article in The Daily Courier on July 24, “A movement to end homelessness in Prescott,” made me realize that we are a movement of people creating events and random acts of kindness to spread hope, love, compassion and light.

By Sandy Griffis August 2, 2018
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We are remodeling our kitchen and new countertops are planned. Of course, there is a little conflict between my husband and myself — he wants granite and I am thinking quartz. Sandy, help us make up our mind! Tom and Sheila, Prescott.

By Sandy Griffis July 31, 2018
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This past week several calls rang in from homeowners wanting to know what the cost per square foot is to rebuild.

By Sandy Griffis July 24, 2018

Not quite taking the market by storm, however, widespread popularity is rapidly gaining.

By Sandy Griffis July 13, 2018
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July stated off with a thump and a whack as they say.

By Sandy Griffis July 6, 2018

Last week our column discussed defensible space and stressed that protecting your home from wildfire starts with you. Since wildfire is a real and an ever present danger, it is important for our readers to know about Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission (PAWUIC).

By Sandy Griffis June 29, 2018
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We had a delightful rain this past weekend, however, with our continued dry conditions and lack of moisture our area still exhibits prime conditions for a fire.

By Sandy Griffis June 22, 2018

This past week a call came in from a local Realtor who inquired about “popcorn” ceilings.

By Sandy Griffis June 15, 2018

Each year, the Registrar of Contractors investigates thousands of complaints from consumers against unlicensed entities attempting to perform contracting work.

By Sandy Griffis June 8, 2018
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This week, four calls came in from homeowners receiving Preliminary 20 Day Notices in the mail.

By Sandy Griffis June 1, 2018
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After zipping up and turning out the lights and leaving the building, as they say, after the 40th Annual Yavapai County Contractors’ Association Home and Garden Show this past weekend, I knew exactly where I was going to go with my column.

By Sandy Griffis May 25, 2018
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The 40th Annual Yavapai County Contractors Association Home and Garden Show will get underway this weekend at the Prescott Valley Event Center, 3201 North Main St.

By Sandy Griffis May 18, 2018
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We need to replace our wood deck and have been told by two contractors that we should consider composite material.

By Sandy Griffis May 11, 2018
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Gosh, my heart is so proud, and our organization is so honored for the readers and supporters of our column.

By Sandy Griffis May 4, 2018
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Now that low-flow toilets, showerheads and faucets have gone mainstream, one might expect that home water usage would decline each year.

By Sandy Griffis April 27, 2018
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Why are our windows forming condensation, most always in the bathroom? Lucy and Paul, Prescott

By Sandy Griffis April 20, 2018
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Ask the Contractor: Paint the fifth wall — the ceiling — for impact
The ceiling represents one-sixth of the space in a room

In all of the years that I’ve been writing ‘Ask the Contractor’ and answering questions from our community, never have I received a question about painting ceilings.

By Sandy Griffis April 13, 2018
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As the economy in Yavapai County recovers from the Great Recession — December 2007 – June 2009, with peak

By Sandy Griffis April 6, 2018
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We just purchased our first new home, and we are a bit concerned over the operation of our HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) system.

By Sandy Griffis March 30, 2018
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Ask the Contractor: For floor remodeling, carpet, hardwood or other?
Hardwood flooring is the top request of homebuyers and renters when looking for a home

We are remodeling our home. I want carpet; my husband wants wood.

By Sandy Griffis March 23, 2018
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Did you know that one inch of rain on a 1,000-square-foot roof can yield roughly 600 gallons of water?

By Sandy Griffis March 16, 2018