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Sandy Griffis
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Sandy Griffis is the Executive Director of Yavapai County Contractors Association. For more information visit:

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The calls are ringing with countertop questions. And I will do my best to offer some guidance. New countertops for a kitchen or bathroom can steal the show, and that can be a good thing or a distracting eyesore.

By Sandy Griffis February 2, 2023
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Match your tile selections to your lifestyle. Consider children and pets. Do you scrub and use bleach? How much time do you really want to devote to maintenance? Visiting local tile showrooms/design centers are great places to begin.

By Sandy Griffis January 26, 2023
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I have had two calls this week – carpet versus laminate wood flooring. I am going to start out by saying “Yikes!” With so many flooring choices and so little time (my column is due) this could be a thesis on flooring.

By Sandy Griffis January 19, 2023
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Hi my lovely readers. More snow on the way…..I stopped by Ewing Irrigation Thursday morning and purchased two additional bags of ice melt. A girl can never have enough ice melt….maybe ice melt is now in the same category as my shoes

By Sandy Griffis January 12, 2023
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With all of the wet weather we have had, I have noticed that “white chalky” substance on many of the area’s masonry walls and on homes throughout neighborhoods. So here is a little educational lesson on efflorescence.

By Sandy Griffis January 5, 2023
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Happy New Year! And remember it is never too late. Every day, people pass up opportunities to make a difference in our community. We can all do “something” and it doesn’t have to cost anything.

By Sandy Griffis December 29, 2022
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You all know I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, I also realize that it has been an extremely tough few years for many Americans, and our own community of families and friends and dreams are fading.

By Sandy Griffis December 22, 2022
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Well, winter has been here and will come again. Where oh where was my ice melt?

By Sandy Griffis December 15, 2022
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I am so excited. Guess what I bought myself as a Christmas present? It is smaller than a breadbox. It is not an animal …well maybe it could be an animal the way it chews. It is not vegetable, but it likes vegetables.

By Sandy Griffis December 8, 2022
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Sometimes I feel like I am failing to support the community and not being on every doorstep talking about how to hire contractors. I picture myself standing on a street corner with a sign “Hire Licensed Contractors” “Call Sandy At YCCA before your Hire.”

By Sandy Griffis December 1, 2022

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