Sandy Griffis

Sandy Griffis is the Executive Director of Yavapai County Contractor's Association.

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Ask the contractor: If it’s not in writing in a contract, it does not exist

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, let me repeat — and even refer to my earlier, annoying repetition of this statement: Do not start work or hand over any money without an executed contract.

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Ask the Contractor: Don’t bring bedbugs home with used furniture

We did what they say is a “big no no.”

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Ask the Contractor: Prune for safety and plant health, appearance

When your outdoor greenery looks sad or unkempt, you may consider employing your own handiwork, a landscaper or “an urban forester,” as Joshua Loveall, an arborist, describes his job.

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Ask the Contractor: A history of the hat that protects workers

The thermoplastic hard hat has become a symbol of construction and, over the years, has become a safety requirement on construction job sites.

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Ask the Contractor: Caution against ‘silent killer’

Our home has carbon monoxide monitors.

Ask the Contractor: Hot water heaters — to flush or not?

Here is the email we received this week: Hi, wondering what your recommendation is for maintenance of a water heater.

ASK THE CONTRACTOR: Sewage ejection ... not to the moon!

My wife and I are contemplating purchasing a hillside lot in Prescott for a new home.

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Ask the Contractor: A big building goal for 2018

While I am a firm believer in the power of positive thinking, I also realize that it has been an extremely tough year for many Americans, and our own community families and businessmen and women that hold the American dream near and dear.

Ask the Contractor: Words of wisdom on subject of septic

Concerns were abundant and plentiful, as they say with words of wisdom, a few weeks ago on the use of the garbage disposal this holiday season.

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