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Fri, March 22
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The Associated Press-Times Square Alliance poll claims we are mostly optimistic for a better year.

By Robin Layton January 1, 2017

The store manager ringing up my purchases laughed heartily, and then she laughed some more.

By Robin Layton January 1, 2017

A story making big news this week is about a Mexican man accused of raping a girl on a Kansas bus.

By Robin Layton December 31, 2016

Wherever you look this week, you’ll most likely see some sort of year-end list: Top Stories of 2016, Top Movies of 2016, Top Things We Hate of 2016.

By Robin Layton December 30, 2016

Life was simpler when Frosty came to life, the Grinch’s heart grew, Rudolph showed off his nose and Herbie wanted to be a dentist.

By Robin Layton December 25, 2016
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How about we all stop bickering about politics, stop being selfish, and try something new ... let’s think about someone else for a change.

By Robin Layton December 24, 2016

Arizona Cardinal Michael Floyd’s blood-alcohol level was nearly three times the legal limit when he was arrested in Scottsdale earlier this month.

By Robin Layton December 22, 2016

Arizona schools are now required to teach students cursive handwriting.

By Robin Layton December 21, 2016

Being a parent is the hardest thing most of us will ever undertake.

By Robin Layton December 18, 2016

The intense excitement of my first science fiction movie has never left me – I can still remember being in the old downtown movie theater in 1977, sitting in the first row, head tilted up to the enormous screen, mesmerized by my first glimpse of Star Wars.

By Robin Layton December 18, 2016

If a police officer or other trained emergency personnel break out a car window to reach a stranded child or dog in a hot car, that’s one thing.

By Robin Layton December 17, 2016

Polls and surveys, as we saw this election cycle, can be interesting, but also misleading.

By Robin Layton December 11, 2016

I looked at a coworker the other day and said, “I’m going home for naptime.

By Robin Layton December 11, 2016

Affordable rentals are sorely lacking in most of Yavapai County. It’s good news that a development company is going to try for a tax-credit application to offer workforce rentals at $450 to $600 a month.

By Robin Layton December 10, 2016

Apparently someone in Arizona has been asleep since the 1990s.

By Robin Layton December 9, 2016

Congress rushed through a spending bill this week, which is rare in itself.

By Robin Layton December 8, 2016

It’s easy to fall into complacency when someone else is taking care of things. Take for example the group of dedicated folks who run the Prescott Area Wildland Urban Interface Commission.

By Robin Layton December 6, 2016

The fight to keep a water source free from contamination, and to protect sacred sites, has apparently paid off.

By Robin Layton December 5, 2016

This past week a swastika showed up in the dirt on part of the Peavine Trail. It alarmed some local hikers.

By Robin Layton December 4, 2016

There’s a place near Reading, Pennsylvania, that still holds tight to my 8-year-old self’s sense of holiday wonder.

By Robin Layton December 4, 2016

Everyone agrees the Affordable Care Act needs help. Whether you want it scuttled or revamped, it’s clear something needs to happen.

By Robin Layton December 3, 2016

There’s a bridge in stunning Sedona that has an ominous reputation.

By Robin Layton December 2, 2016

Doris Theriault came to me with an intriguing idea of making Prescott known as “Everybody’s Compassionate Hometown.”

By Robin Layton November 27, 2016

Next Saturday is the first day of my last year as a 40-something.

By Robin Layton November 27, 2016

The era of the Cold War spawned deep paranoia in the world, along with an extensive network of spies.

By Robin Layton November 26, 2016

Designating more land around Grand Canyon National Park as a national monument has sparked controversy across Arizona.

By Robin Layton November 24, 2016

In a country where even our most hardened criminals have clean clothes, cells with beds and a toilet, hot meals and other amenities, it boggles the mind that our own Border Patrol holds detainees in Third World conditions.

By Robin Layton November 20, 2016

Girlfriends aren’t something I have a lot of. There’s the no-time issue and the still-new-to-Arizona issue.

By Robin Layton November 20, 2016
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There’s suddenly a lot of hoopla about fake news on Facebook.

By Robin Layton November 19, 2016

Anonymous tips are a grab bag for police, government officials and newspapers.

By Robin Layton November 17, 2016

Looking for seashells along a Maryland beach, just out of the reach of breaking waves, is one of my more vivid childhood memories.

By Robin Layton November 13, 2016

Survey, opinion poll, straw poll, canvass, market research, census ... whatever you call them, they should not be used to lull a voter, or a candidate, into complacency.

By Robin Layton November 12, 2016
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Putting together our annual Veterans Day special section always touches my heart.

By Robin Layton November 11, 2016

That catchy sports reference to having enough players to keep putting in the game is an excellent way to explain the need for more police officers on Prescott streets.

By Robin Layton November 10, 2016

For once, standing in a line was a good thing.

By Robin Layton November 9, 2016

A lot of people ask me if I’ve written a book or plan to do so in the future.

By Robin Layton November 6, 2016

What do you get when you mix a gun with a suicidal person or powerful pain killers in a house with teens?

By Robin Layton November 6, 2016
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Journalists and fans celebrated newsman Walter Cronkite’s 100th birthday Friday.

By Robin Layton November 5, 2016

As community members, we all bear the responsibility of not spreading sickness.

By Robin Layton November 4, 2016
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Today’s editorial cartoon makes a good point: Who do public officials really work for?

By Robin Layton November 3, 2016
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Once again our nation is failing its veterans.

By Robin Layton November 2, 2016

Scary movies aren’t my thing.

By Robin Layton October 30, 2016

The National Football League has a new name these days, the No Fun League.

By Robin Layton October 30, 2016

The phrase “smart growth” is tossed around quite a bit, but what does it really mean?

By Robin Layton October 29, 2016

Whether you are in a health insurance plan provided by your employer or in the Affordable Care Act marketplace, most of you have probably seen your health insurance premiums increase this year.

By Robin Layton October 28, 2016

Once again our nation is failing its veterans.

By Robin Layton October 27, 2016

We received three phone calls from concerned parents Friday afternoon.

By Robin Layton October 23, 2016

It’s bad enough that I can’t keep track of my car keys, sunglasses, purse or anything else. Now, my shoes are walking away. Literally.

By Robin Layton October 23, 2016

A trail leading to the ridge overlooking the site of the Granite Mountain Hotshots tragedy in Yarnell is nearing completion.

By Robin Layton October 22, 2016

This election season no longer rests on party loyalty or affiliation.

By Robin Layton October 21, 2016