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Lawmakers in California have littered their desks with measures designed to eliminate plastic products, such as bags and even straws. But in failing to provide an adequate system for recycling these items - along with glass, metal and paper — they have created an environmental mess and a socioeconomic dilemma.

By Peter Funt August 26, 2019
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Here are my five favorite things about this sentence: (1) It grabs your attention, (2) It keeps you guessing, (3) It’s not overly wordy, (4) It’s something you might forward to friends, (5) It’s part of the list-making trend that just keeps growing.

By Peter Funt August 25, 2019
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Back when I was a rookie editor in ABC’s Manhattan newsroom we used to place bets - actual cash wagers - on how the New York Times would design the next day’s front page.

By Peter Funt August 7, 2019
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Thoughts and prayers, we are often reminded, only go so far. And politicians’ attention spans are alarmingly short.

By Peter Funt August 5, 2019
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Here’s the weather summary, as printed the other day on the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle: “Hot and sunny. Highs from 65 to 105.”

By Peter Funt August 2, 2019
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There was a clear message in Robert Mueller’s testimony last week before two House committees, but it wasn’t just about the danger Russia poses to our elections. It was the risk that aging presents for our public servants.

By Peter Funt July 29, 2019
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His portfolio of editorial cartoons in hand, Burris Jenkins Jr. arrived for a job interview at The New York American one day in 1931 and mistakenly got off the elevator at the wrong floor. He found himself in the sports department of the rival Evening Journal, where he was hired on the spot as a sports cartoonist.

By Peter Funt July 15, 2019
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Silly me. I thought one advantage of having a 76-year-old Democrat running for president is that his campaign would be refreshingly old school: a few lawn signs, a bus trip across Iowa and an occasional postcard to supporters through the U.S. Mail.

By Peter Funt June 30, 2019
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Is the bulging field of Democrats seeking the 2020 presidential nomination a sign of strength? Or is it a troubling indication that wresting the presidency from Donald Trump won’t be as easy as it ought to be.

By Peter Funt June 23, 2019
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Modern politics can be summed up this way: Republicans frequently refer to Ronald Reagan, while Democrats prefer to conjure memories of Franklin Roosevelt.

By Peter Funt June 14, 2019
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I wrote a column recently about lawmakers in East Tennessee voting to make Blount County a “Second Amendment Sanctuary.” They established a haven for gun owners seeking asylum from bothersome restrictions on firearms.

By Peter Funt May 27, 2019
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Lawmakers in this rural corner of Tennessee near Knoxville passed an interesting resolution the other night, making Blount County a sanctuary.

By Peter Funt May 20, 2019
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Bill O’Reilly, once the most powerful voice on cable-TV, has been largely absent from public view for two years following revelations that he paid some $50 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits.

By Peter Funt May 12, 2019
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Bill O’Reilly, once the most powerful voice on cable-TV, has been largely absent from public view for two years following revelations that he paid some $50 million to settle sexual harassment lawsuits.

By Peter Funt May 10, 2019
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With a luxury of riches in the crowded presidential field, Democrats find themselves in a quandary: How far should they go in probing differences among the candidates without damaging their overarching goal of winning in 2020?

By Peter Funt May 7, 2019
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Of all the important issues in the 2020 campaign, how much money each of the Democrats has should not be on any list.

By Peter Funt April 17, 2019
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Nancy Pelosi, the only Democrat Donald Trump seems to truly fear, is a branch of reason in our thickly overgrown political forest.

By Peter Funt April 5, 2019
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Every step of the way, Donald Trump has played voters and media with catch phrases of the type favored by Madison Avenue and reality TV, starting with “Make America Great Again” - as if such a task should be left to a New York realtor with a checkered past.

By Peter Funt April 1, 2019

Voters and pundits might struggle with Democrats’ policy positions in the 2020 campaign, but it’s remarkable how swiftly they lock in the names.

By Peter Funt March 29, 2019
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As a social experiment I once asked random people on the street what they would do if they won $10 million....

By Peter Funt March 22, 2019
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Television’s most elegant and articulate anchor, who shepherds what is arguably the nation’s most informative nightly news program, continues to toil in relative obscurity.

By Peter Funt March 11, 2019
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Democrats are moving quickly to address problems faced by both parties in the last presidential campaign concerning early-stage debates.

By Peter Funt March 4, 2019
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The snide old saw in college used to be: If you can’t make it in business, teach it. In media today, it’s become: If you can’t make it in politics, preach it.

By Peter Funt February 24, 2019
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There are many metrics for what makes a good president, but being able to deliver a speech in falling snow and mid-teen temperatures without hat or gloves for nearly a half hour isn’t one of them.

By Peter Funt February 11, 2019
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Owners of the Giants baseball team have never struck me as stupid — greedy, perhaps, since they shamelessly sell a bottle of Bud for eight times what it’s worth, but not stupid.

By Peter Funt January 29, 2019
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It seems this year’s Academy Awards will be conducted using a no-host format, now that Kevin Hart and his dossier of homophobic wisecracks have been officially ruled out.

By Peter Funt January 11, 2019
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In 2019 I resolve to cut back on bingeing. Not at the dinner table — although that would be wise — but at the TV.

By Peter Funt January 7, 2019

Wondering if things will change for the better in the New Year? Here’s a handy clip ‘n’ save Precap of news certain to occur during 2019.

By Peter Funt December 30, 2018
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Stuck in a hotel room watching CNN the other day, I happened to catch live coverage of Donald Trump’s short speech about the “First Step Act,” concerning criminal justice reforms.

By Peter Funt November 16, 2018

If you thought the midterms were bad - marked by Trump’s frequent falsehoods, cockamamie claims and rampant racism - you ain’t seen nothing yet. It’s 2020 time.

By Peter Funt November 9, 2018
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I read the news today, oh boy. And by “read” I mean skimmed. And by “news” I mean aggregates.

By Peter Funt October 26, 2018
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The race to pick a new U.S. Senator from Arizona underscores the tenor, tactics and tightness of the 2018 midterm elections.

By Peter Funt October 22, 2018
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It seems that in the age of abbreviated communication, where “r u ok?” passes for a sentence, and KFC is a place that used to be called Kentucky Fried Chicken, the name Dunkin’ Donuts is simply too big a mouthful.

By Peter Funt October 12, 2018
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Les Moonves, the CBS chief toppled by a sexual harassment scandal, will probably be best remembered for what he said in 2016 about Donald Trump’s candidacy: “It may not be good for America, but it’s damn good for CBS.”

By Peter Funt September 23, 2018
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In the history of television, during which thousands of network entertainment programs have come and gone, only one show has produced new episodes in each of the last eight decades: “Candid Camera.” What a remarkable feat.

By Peter Funt September 17, 2018
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The antithesis of Donald Trump and his administration can be studied, at least for those willing to drive 150 miles south from Atlanta, among magnolias, towering pines and seemingly endless fields of cotton, peanuts — and dreams.

By Peter Funt September 11, 2018
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Social media and digital tools have changed the way we live and, to some extent, the way we die. Increasingly, loved ones and notables are honored through what could be called pre-mourning.

By Peter Funt August 29, 2018
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In a recent discussion with a Major League pitching coach about scouting opposing hitters, I thought I was being flippant when I asked: “Do you also chart umpires?” His answer surprised me. “Yes.”

By Peter Funt August 14, 2018
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As thousands of tourists crowded into the center of town in search of hearty laughs, I walked over to Lake View Cemetery for a look at Lucy’s grave.

By Peter Funt August 10, 2018
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“Ninety percent of media coverage of my Administration is negative, despite the tremendously positive results we are achieving.”

By Peter Funt August 5, 2018
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Question 1: “Do you believe that the media purposely tries to divide Republicans in order to help elect Democrats?”

By Peter Funt July 20, 2018

If you’re getting ready for summer vacation, here’s a handy checklist of things you won’t need. A map. Remember those? I’m referring to the kind you got for free at the gas station.

By Peter Funt July 10, 2018

When rational thinking fails or is simply ignored, conflation often takes over. It is, by definition, the merging of two or more different sets of information or opinion into one.

By Peter Funt July 2, 2018

The little girl at the border with tears in her eyes. We saw her on front pages, on TV newscasts and on the cover of Time magazine.

By Peter Funt June 26, 2018

Domino’s offers to “insure” your purchase in the event your car is crushed by a tree and you slip on an icy sidewalk causing the pizza you are holding to land in a snow bank.

By Peter Funt June 9, 2018

I’ve just returned from my summer vacation, which I now take in mid-May so I can use the remaining time until Labor Day to recover.

By Peter Funt May 29, 2018

The 1966 baseball season was particularly memorable in St. Louis, and not just because the Cardinals moved to a new $25 million stadium, hosted the All-Star Game, and every few days sent flame-thrower Bob Gibson to the mound where he won 21 games and struck out 225 batters.

By Peter Funt May 19, 2018

Sometimes it takes a year or more for a president’s strengths to come into focus.

By Peter Funt May 14, 2018

What a shame that the people who will profit most from the tempest that was the White House Correspondents’ Dinner are the two who deserve it least: Michelle Wolf and Donald Trump.

By Peter Funt May 7, 2018

Now that the nation has a $1.3 trillion budget, lawmakers can resume debate about whether to pinch pennies.

By Peter Funt April 9, 2018


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