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9:58 AM Sat, Nov. 17th

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Michael Reagan

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Reagan: Birthright citizenship is wrong for America

The president rolled another flash grenade onto our political stage this week, and it sent the Trump Hate Media into a predictable tizzy.

Reagan: ​The Democrats run on hate

Guess which future leader of the United States said this about illegal immigrants in 2006: “We are a generous and welcoming people, but those who enter our country illegally, and those who employ them, disrespect the rule of law.

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Reagan: The true party of evil

The Democrats and their parrots and lapdogs in the liberal media never stop accusing people on the right of being racists, sexists and homophobes.

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Reagan: Assaulting Kavanaugh

It was a long, embarrassing day of drama, tears and ugly partisan bickering. But by the end of last week’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, I came to the conclusion that both Brett Kavanaugh and Christine Blasey Ford had told the truth.

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Reagan: ​Media ignores Trump’s economy

It’s surprising that a White House incapable of organizing a two-car funeral — if you believe the mainstream liberal media — is presiding over the most robust economy the U.S. has had in years.

Reagan: Resistance in the White House

The stories of chaos, craziness and betrayal going on inside the Trump White House are nothing to worry much about.

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Reagan: ​The Democrats’ sad circus

I love Lindsay Graham. The witty South Carolina senator, who’s usually more entertaining than most comedians, has been one of the highlights of the otherwise depressing televised Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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Reagan: Mr. Trump’s good friend Jeff Sessions

Along with his many other daily Tweet targets, President Trump can’t stop beating up on Jeff Sessions for being a lousy attorney general.

Reagan: ​Purging the church’s predatory priests

Am I the only Catholic who thinks the church needs to consider getting rid of the old guard – all the way up to the Pope?

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Reagan: The media’s Trump crisis of the week

What’s the mainstream liberal media’s most overblown Trump crisis of the week?

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Reagan: Tweet presidentially, Mr. Trump

Trump is still being Trump.

Reagan: ​A man of God sins against my father

If a liberal like Jesse Jackson went on CNN and accused my father of being a “known womanizer” like President Trump, conservatives across America would go off the rails.

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Reagan: Putin wins, Trump second, Dems still nuts

Yes, President Trump screwed up in front of the whole world at the Helsinki Summit.

Reagan: The crying kids game

I understand why the national media is so obsessed over the story of children of illegal immigrants being separated from their parents at the Mexican border. It’s a heartbreaking sight to see photos of innocent little kids traumatized and crying — even when they were taken in the Obama era. It’s also great TV. I also get why the Democrats can’t stop using the crying border kids as a political weapon.

Reagan: A chance to save California?

California’s crazy “jungle” primary elections came to a blessed end on Tuesday.

Reagan: Unimpeachable stupidity of Democrats

Don’t sweat North Korea.

Reagan: They hate, Trump wins

Donald Trump’s many enemies are becoming more and more frustrated.

Reagan: The deal with Singapore

So Donald Trump has a date with Kim Jong Un in Singapore on June 12.

Reagan: Who to crucify? Trump or Barabbas?

The Trump Haters hate on and on and on.

Column: The sad state of my California

You don’t want to live in my state. Sure, it’s beautiful. The weather is great. And most people who live here are nice, good, successful, talented, smart — except when it comes to politics and voting.

Reagan: Getting Assad’s attention, Reagan style

To strike Syria or not to strike Syria.

Reagan: To opioid hell and back

I’m feeling human again, thanks.

Reagan: Fake storm

So now it’s collusion with Stormy Daniels?

Reagan column: Trumping the North Korea naysayers

President Trump will never win.

Reagan column: Gun control starts at home

President Donald Trump said a bunch of crazy things this week.

Reagan column: We need more love, not gun control

We live in a country where liberals are constantly working to get rid of things that were once sacred to America.

Reagan column: It’s still not guns

During the intense media coverage of Wednesday’s tragic events in Parkland, Florida, I was shocked to hear it was the 18th school shooting so far this year.

Reagan column: GOP can’t get burned on DACA deal

Everyone knows something has to be done for America’s DACA kids. Everyone with a good heart or a working brain knows it’s not their fault their parents sneaked them into the country when they were kids under 16.

Reagan column: Didn’t we turn over a new leaf in 2018?

Didn’t everyone in Washington resolve to work together on America’s important problems and get things done? Oh, sorry.

Reagan column: A holly jolly tax bill

What a difference a historic Republican tax bill makes.

Reagan column: Democrats can dream all they want

They and their soulmates in the liberal media can celebrate the victory by Doug Jones in Alabama’s U.S. Senate race until next fall.

Reagan column: Crashing the DC men’s club

I finally get why President Trump tweets.

Reagan column: Cut taxes, Reagan-style

What hasn’t happened this week?