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8:08 AM Mon, Sept. 24th

Michael Reagan

Michael Reagan, the son of President Ronald Reagan, is a political consultant and the author. Send comments to

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Reagan: ​Media ignores Trump’s economy

It’s surprising that a White House incapable of organizing a two-car funeral — if you believe the mainstream liberal media — is presiding over the most robust economy the U.S. has had in years.

Reagan: Resistance in the White House

The stories of chaos, craziness and betrayal going on inside the Trump White House are nothing to worry much about.

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Reagan: ​The Democrats’ sad circus

I love Lindsay Graham. The witty South Carolina senator, who’s usually more entertaining than most comedians, has been one of the highlights of the otherwise depressing televised Senate confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

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Reagan: Mr. Trump’s good friend Jeff Sessions

Along with his many other daily Tweet targets, President Trump can’t stop beating up on Jeff Sessions for being a lousy attorney general.

Reagan: ​Purging the church’s predatory priests

Am I the only Catholic who thinks the church needs to consider getting rid of the old guard – all the way up to the Pope?

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Reagan: The media’s Trump crisis of the week

What’s the mainstream liberal media’s most overblown Trump crisis of the week?

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Reagan: Tweet presidentially, Mr. Trump

Trump is still being Trump.

Reagan: ​A man of God sins against my father

If a liberal like Jesse Jackson went on CNN and accused my father of being a “known womanizer” like President Trump, conservatives across America would go off the rails.

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Reagan: Putin wins, Trump second, Dems still nuts

Yes, President Trump screwed up in front of the whole world at the Helsinki Summit.

Reagan: The crying kids game

I understand why the national media is so obsessed over the story of children of illegal immigrants being separated from their parents at the Mexican border. It’s a heartbreaking sight to see photos of innocent little kids traumatized and crying — even when they were taken in the Obama era. It’s also great TV. I also get why the Democrats can’t stop using the crying border kids as a political weapon.

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