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Sun, March 24
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Judy Bluhm

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We watch with horror the news coverage of mass murders of school children and then, with further disbelief, the fall-out of blame, outrage, prayers, opinions, accusations, analysis and all manner of political warfare.

By Judy Bluhm March 5, 2018

The Olympics gave us all the chance to watch the world’s best athletes attempt to achieve the incredible.

By Judy Bluhm February 26, 2018

Last week to usher in Mardi Gras, my friend invited me on Fat Tuesday to a ladies luncheon and served King Cake.

By Judy Bluhm February 19, 2018

A Supermoon, a Blue Moon and a total lunar eclipse.

By Judy Bluhm January 29, 2018

The horror coming out of Oregon now that folks might have to pump their own gasoline is nothing short of mind-boggling.

By Judy Bluhm January 22, 2018

The world is coming to an end. It will not happen because of a crazy guy with a bad haircut in North Korea.

By Judy Bluhm January 15, 2018

Have you ever thought about becoming a polar bear? Dear Readers, there are seriously deranged people in other parts of the world that seem to think running half naked into freezing lakes or 39 degree oceans is a whole lot of fun.

By Judy Bluhm January 8, 2018

Are you ready to embrace 2018? Well, ready or not, here it comes. Time, once again, is marching into the beginning of a new calendar, pulling us along with it.

By Judy Bluhm January 1, 2018

I have been wrestling with Santa and it wasn’t a pretty picture. ’Tis the season to be jolly, but sometimes decorating can turn into something slightly less cheery.

By Judy Bluhm December 18, 2017

I have seen the evidence of the “big approach” to Christmas all around me.

By Judy Bluhm December 11, 2017

Having turkey? Well I think the big beast of a bird that is the Thanksgiving tradition in America might be staying in the chicken coop this year.

By Judy Bluhm November 20, 2017
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Did you enjoy the Veterans Day Parade?

By Judy Bluhm November 13, 2017

Looking for a reason to celebrate? Summer is over!

By Judy Bluhm October 23, 2017

My eyes have been opened (and wallet almost emptied) because I have seen the Purse Promise Land.

By Judy Bluhm October 16, 2017
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Never give up, because just when you think the game is over, all is lost, things will never be the same, a small miracle might occur.

By Judy Bluhm October 2, 2017
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First came the wind. Trees dropping, howling, swirling terror that tore off roofs and downed telephone poles. Then came the rain.

By Judy Bluhm September 25, 2017

Have you read any good headlines lately?

By Judy Bluhm September 18, 2017

Manuel, where art thou? Our kind and friendly tarantula has not yet arrived at my friend Diane Wilson’s house for his annual visit!

By Judy Bluhm September 11, 2017

Are you feeling rested? Just wondering how your official “Day of Rest” ... otherwise called Labor Day ... is turning out.

By Judy Bluhm September 4, 2017
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Wake up and watch the crosswalks!

By Judy Bluhm August 28, 2017

Protect your eyes! Grab those crazy “eclipse glasses.” Then quick, run outside and look up at the moon slipping in front of the sun for a total eclipse.

By Judy Bluhm August 21, 2017

Throw out your kitchen sponge immediately!

By Judy Bluhm August 14, 2017

Does this dress make me look fat? Hmm ... this is evidently one of the most frequently asked questions that wives pose to their husbands. Sadly, there is no correct answer.

By Judy Bluhm August 7, 2017

Have you been missing a few friends? We might all be in San Diego.

By Judy Bluhm July 24, 2017

Eighty. This is the number of people who formed a human chain in Panama City, Florida, to save a family.

By Judy Bluhm July 10, 2017

How was your hot dog? Well, I figured you might have eaten one over the past holiday weekend, since Americans ate approximately 150 million hot dogs on the Fourth of July!

By Judy Bluhm July 10, 2017

What would you take? The smoke and flames are approaching, you are being evacuated and you have minutes to grab things.

By Judy Bluhm July 3, 2017

So, are you ready for swimsuit weather?

By Judy Bluhm June 26, 2017

In case you are wondering if summer is here yet (as we all swelter in this heat wave), fear not, because tomorrow evening marks the summer solstice.

By Judy Bluhm June 19, 2017

I touched a snake. Actually, I grabbed onto the beast thinking he was a garden hose and picked him up.

By Judy Bluhm June 12, 2017

How do you spell stupid? Oops ... not what I meant to say.

By Judy Bluhm June 5, 2017

Are you enjoying this Memorial Day weekend?

By Judy Bluhm May 29, 2017

I almost got arrested. Okay, or possibly taken into a windowless room with two frighteningly big, uniformed men who never smile.

By Judy Bluhm May 22, 2017

Do you like grape jelly? If so, come on over to my house, because this time of year I buy two-pound jars by the case.

By Judy Bluhm May 15, 2017
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Farewell Cassini! We appreciate your efforts and are saddened that The End is near.

By Judy Bluhm May 8, 2017

Do you wear blue jeans? Yes, I thought you might. Me too.

By Judy Bluhm May 1, 2017
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News was pretty strange last week. From airplanes to a certain giraffe, it was a lot to absorb.

By Judy Bluhm April 24, 2017

KaCHOO! Oh, excuse me, dear readers, because it seems I cannot stop sneezing!

By Judy Bluhm April 17, 2017

Spring has arrived! It’s not the weather, the calendar, the cooing doves, appearance of humming birds or flowers in bloom that tell me the season — it’s the beating of rugs, washing of windows, cleaning of pot shelves and organizing of closets.

By Judy Bluhm April 3, 2017

The British are coming! Yes, it is that time of year again!

By Judy Bluhm March 27, 2017

It’s not impossible! Sadly, it is just unlikely.

By Judy Bluhm March 20, 2017

The rules of golf have changed and it’s about time!

By Judy Bluhm March 13, 2017

Don’t you love the rain? The Navajos claim that when the clouds are formed like sheep in the sky, then the heavens are ready to open up and cleanse the earth, wash the grounds, refresh the trees, grow the grass, nourish the critters and give us life.

By Judy Bluhm March 6, 2017

Does big government come from small minds? Which might then lead to dumb laws?

By Judy Bluhm February 27, 2017

Have you ever made a mistake so huge that it was life-altering?

By Judy Bluhm February 20, 2017

She baked her last pie. It was with the usual flaky homemade crust and as Mother likes to say, “real cherries.”

By Judy Bluhm February 13, 2017