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3:56 AM Thu, Sept. 20th

Judy Bluhm

Judy Bluhm is a writer and a local Realtor. Have a story or a comment? Email Judy at

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Bluhm: Fear of mice is a common phobia

There’s a mouse in the house! Yes, that’s right. Running down my hallway, scampering through the kitchen, with long squiggly tail, furry little body, big ears, beady eyes and razor-sharp teeth, this beast has unleashed all manner of rodent terror. “Home sweet home” has become a battle of the wits, a place to fear (what if the mouse got in my bed)!

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Bluhm: We should embrace life’s challenges as we age

I don’t want to grow old. OK, so I know the alternative is not exactly a pleasant thought. And my minister says that, “Old age is a privilege denied to many.” Yes, this is true. It’s just that old age is rough.

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Bluhm: Sometimes the best houseguests have eight legs

It’s a scary world out there. Sometimes, Dear Readers, we just need a friend. A friend who will walk miles through a scorching desert, escape the perils of predators, suffer through the wind, rain and dust of monsoons with no map, GPS or cell phone, just to walk up your driveway, saunter in through your open door and once again, grace your life with a visit.

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AROUND THE BLUMIN’ TOWN: Southwest Airlines connects with mini-horses

Hold your horses! Air travel just got a whole lot more fun.

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AROUND THE BLUMIN’ TOWN: The essence of humanity

Seventeen days. That is how long an orca whale carried the corpse of her dead calf.

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Around the Bluhmin’ Town: Gender of fruit makes a big difference

Have you given much thought as to the sex of papayas lately?

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AROUND THE BLUMIN’ TOWN: The dog days of summer

Did it rain enough? Probably not.

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Around the Bluhmin’ Town: Catching a wave at Imperial Beach

I am a surfer. Alright, I should clarify: I have surfed. Yes, dear readers, I caught one wave, hung ten and went on the long board.

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Bluhm: Following the cave story and how it impacted us all

We were all in that Thai cave. Praying, hoping, waiting that a miracle would happen.

AROUND THE BLUMIN’ TOWN: Figuring out your purpose in life

What is your purpose? Perhaps it is the one question that we all seek to answer.

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