Jordan Kobritz, Syndicated Columnist

Jordan Kobritz is a former attorney, CPA, and Minor League Baseball team owner. He is a professor and the chair of the Sport Management Department at SUNY Cortland. Jordan maintains the blog: and can be reached at

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Kobritz: Major League Baseball needs to lighten up

Beyond the Lines

Major League Baseball has an identity problem. It’s a $10 billion a year business with 30 divisions, all of which are profitable, but management and labor can’t agree on what they want the sport to be.

Kobritz: Track’s new gender rules simple, yet complex

Column: Beyond the Lines

If you prefer to consume your sports without sex, this week’s column may not be for you. In an effort to maintain “fair and meaningful competition within the female classification,” and ensure a level playing field, the International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), track and field’s world governing body, recently published regulations limiting testosterone levels in female athletes who compete on the world stage.

Kobritz: NFL cheerleader problem returns

Column: Beyond the Lines

The NFL cheerleader problem is back, and this time the league may not be able to resolve the issue as easily as it did the last time.

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Kobritz: Surprise ... root of NCAA is money

Column: Beyond the Lines

In the wake of last fall’s federal indictments involving men’s basketball scandals, the NCAA formed a commission to address reforms. After months of deliberations, the commission issued a 60-page report containing a number of recommendations. ...

Kobritz: Lance Armstrong concedes defeat

Column: Beyond the Lines

Lance Armstrong has conceded defeat, perhaps for the first time in his life, by throwing in the towel on a $100 million lawsuit brought by former cycling teammate Floyd Landis and the U. S. government.

Kobritz: Baseball brawls will continue until the end of time

Column: Beyond the Lines

Two weeks into the 2018 baseball season and two trends have dominated the headlines. The first one concerns hit batsmen. Batters are being hit (HBP) at a historically high rate, a total of 149 batters or 0.42 per game.

Kobritz: Are baseball’s unwritten rules outdated?

Column: Beyond the Lines

The importance – or folly, depending on your view – of the unwritten rules of baseball was on display during the opening week of the 2018 season.

Kobritz: Whether you like it or not, the Yankees are back

Column: Beyond the Lines

The Yankees are back and whether you’re a Yankees fan or not, their resurgence is good for baseball. As recently as two years ago the team was arguably irrelevant, finishing the season with a middling record (for them) of 84-78 and bereft of star power. Home attendance was the lowest it had been in almost two decades.

Kobritz: Jets fans sue team over personal seat license devaluation

Column: Beyond the Lines

The New York Jets, who have struggled to compete against NFL teams, find themselves in a battle with a group of disgruntled fans. The team is a defendant in a class-action lawsuit brought by James Gengo, a season ticket holder.

Kobritz: Is tanking in baseball a problem like the NBA?

Column: Beyond the Lines

The 2018 baseball season is almost upon us but before the games begin, fans of a number of teams are advised to consider the words of Seattle GM Jerry Dipoto.

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