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11:36 PM Wed, Jan. 23rd

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John L. Micek

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Micek: The illegal immigrant story Trump isn’t telling you

If you passed Max Acuna on the street or on your way to work, or any one of those hundreds of places where people cross paths every day, you wouldn’t give the smartly dressed 30-year-old a second look.

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Micek: What would Jefferson think of the government shutdown?

WASHINGTON — It was a perfect post-Christmas day, as I watched tourists move in concentric circles around the Jefferson Memorial at the far edge of the National Mall.

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Micek: Pelosi gives Trump important civics lesson

In one withering remark on Tuesday, once (and now increasingly likely future) House Speaker Nancy Pelosi gave Donald Trump the most important civics lesson of his presidency.

Micek: Will Trump listen to Lindsey Graham?

What got into Lindsey Graham?

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Micek: Bush-appointed judge credits Roberts for standing up to Trump

John E. Jones III doesn’t look or sound much like a rebel. Like a lot of federal judges, he’s given to sober suits, long pauses, and thoughtful and deliberative sentences.

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Micek: You didn’t lose the Amazon lottery. You dodged a bullet

So what do Crystal City, Virginia, and Long Island City, New York, have that your city or state doesn’t? Well, everything, as it turns out.

Micek: Control of the House runs through Pennsylvania

It’s a Wednesday night in October, three weeks before Election Day, and Mike Kelly is onstage at the Erie Insurance Coliseum, home of the Ontario Hockey League’s Erie Otters, where he finds himself playing a familiar role.

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Micek: Trump goes full Trump in yet another Pennsylvania rally

ERIE, Pa. — With his second U.S. Supreme Court confirmation in the bag, President Donald Trump took a victory lap around this city by the lake on Wednesday night, skewering “radical” Capitol Hill Democrats and the “dishonest” media, even as he exhorted supporters to vote in next month’s midterm election.

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Micek: Kavanaugh wasn’t on trial. He was interviewing to work for us

Remember that time you got due process in a job interview? Me neither.

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Micek: Trump Jr. rallies the MAGA faithful in Pennsylvania

Donald Trump Jr. had a pretty simple message for the Republican faithful who filled a hotel ballroom here on the final night of summer 2018.

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Micek: All talk, no action: A Republican metaphor

Congressional Republicans continue to abet and excuse Donald Trump’s relentless assaults on democratic norms and the rule of law. But if we were to focus on one particular guy who best embodies that spinelessness, someone who is a veritable metaphor for a party in moral eclipse, I strongly nominate Ben Sasse.

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Micek: Having adults in White House is supposed to be normal

We have been informed, twice last week, that there are alleged “adults” in Donald Trump’s White House who are supposedly acting as a hedge against the 45th president’s worst impulses.

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Micek: The congressional race that Donald Trump is sweating the most

Politics are on the menu here at The Coffee Tree Roasters. At a patio table early one sunny August morning in this leafy Pittsburgh suburb, a quartet of friends debated President Donald Trump’s latest headache — the guilty plea by his longtime lawyer and personal fixer Michael Cohen.

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Micek: 5 recommendations for your Labor Day weekend

With Labor Day weekend closing in with more speed than I’d like to really acknowledge, I can’t turn around these days without someone reminding me of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s famous admonishment that “life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.”

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Micek: ‘Wrecked’: Abuse survivors on their connection to church

Years after he was abused by a Catholic priest, Shaun Dougherty uses just one word to describe the state of his faith these days.

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Micek: Under Trump, it’s easy to like Ike

The golf clubs in the laundry room at the rear of Dwight Eisenhower’s farmhouse here are perched and ready, as if the 34th president of the United States might come and fetch them at any moment.

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Micek: The Trump show returns to Pennsylvania

In a test of his election year clout, President Donald Trump returned a familiar electoral battleground recently to try to put one of his biggest supporters over the top in a key U.S. Senate race.

Micek: In doing nothing, sometimes, you do everything

SOMEWHERE ALONG LONG ISLAND SOUND — From my beach chair, there’s a strong wind blowing in from across the water, rippling the pages of my book, as moisture slowly condenses on the beer bottle at my side.

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Micek: Jeffrey Lord, off CNN, still defending Trump

The rest of official Washington might be in free-fall over President Donald Trump’s bizzaro-world press conference in Helsinki with Russian strongman Vladimir Putin on Monday.

Micek: Congress too weak to stop trade war

You may not have noticed it amid the White House’s bluster on NATO this week, but Congress utterly face-planted in its effort to rein in President Donald Trump’s ever-escalating global trade war.

Micek: Journalists aren’t so different from their readers


If you stay in the news business long enough, you’re inevitably going to run into a reader who has a grievance – sometimes legitimate, sometimes not – against their hometown newspaper.

Micek: Let Sarah Sanders eat in peace


You’d think a pan-seared pork chop wouldn’t come freighted with political baggage.

Column: Trump wants credit; don’t give him any

Last week, U.S. Sen. Pat Toomey, R-Pa., thought reports of children being brutally separated from their parents at the United States’ southern border with Mexico were “greatly exaggerated.”

Micek: Trumpian values on display both here, abroad

Even as he cozied up to an evil dictator, President Donald Trump’s White House made its own brutal tweak to America’s immigration policy.

Micek: Sadly, Roseanne is a victim to some

Words matter. What we say to each other, how we treat each other matters.

Micek: Trump-approved candidate in trouble in Pennsylvania

Sometimes, even when you win, you lose.

Micek: No, I don’t hate conservatives; I disagree with them

Not too long ago, an anonymous commenter on one of my columns concluded that I took my stance on a particular issue because I “hate conservatives.”

Micek: Sinclair’s pro-Trump bent deserves scorn; its anchors do not

There’s been a lot of talk this week about the script that news anchors, at stations owned by Sinclair Broadcast Group, have been forced to read decrying “fake stories” and “biased reporting,” by their corporate overlords in Baltimore County, Md.

Micek: Small change by Trump could have huge impact

On March 26, the U.S. Commerce Dept. announced something that sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to do: It will include a question about citizenship on the 2020 Census.

Micek: Small change by Trump could have huge impact

On Monday, the U.S. Commerce Dept. announced something that sounds like a perfectly reasonable thing to do: It will include a question about citizenship on the 2020 Census.

Micek: ‘You sit in a corner and pray you don’t get shot’

When Maddie Levy saw the students fleeing Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., last month, she saw something familiar.

Micek: Conservative justice gave Dems a path back to power

If Democrats do manage to retake the House this fall, they might have to send a thank-you card to the chambers of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

Micek column: Trump stocking White House with yes-men

Donald Trump, who thrives on the love of the crowd, who listens to the last person to successfully worm their way into his ear and who cannot endure even the most minor of slights, is systematically building an administration of yes-men.

Column: President Trump wants new bridges without paying for them

President Donald Trump’s plan to spend $200 billion in federal money to somehow spur $1.5 trillion in state, local and private investment in infrastructure reconstruction elicited a collective eye roll when it was finally made public.

Micek column: Do you trust President Trump on gun control?

Donald Trump, the man who needs a cue-card to feign basic human empathy, is serious about gun control?

Micek column: Donald Trump: Banana Republican

So President Donald Trump -- noted fiscal conservative, swamp-drainer, and compulsive saber-rattler -- wants a massive military parade through the streets of downtown Washington D.C.

Micek column: One year later, Trump is his own worst enemy

When it came to a recent column about President Donald Trump’s preference for “executive time” that includes a healthy dose of cable news viewing and unhinged Tweeting, the reader wasn’t in the mood to hold back.

Micek column: The part-time president

Note to self: When it’s time to sit down and talk with my bosses about my next steps as an opinion editor and all-around-columnist guy, I must make sure to negotiate in plenty of “executive time.”

Micek column: No, the president doesn’t stand above the law

Hey, did you know that President Donald Trump can’t be found guilty of obstruction of justice?

Micek column: Column A glaring loophole for fugitives

When gun-control and gun-rights advocates clash after the latest mass shooting, you can usually count on two rhetorical chips being thrown onto the table:

Micek column: A prayer for peace, a call to act

Howard Henry’s no preacher. But the prayer he uttered outside a home on Logan Street in Harrisburg on a chilly night last week for Kaliah Dearing, 16, and Natasha Harner, 24, who had been found shot dead there, carried the same weight as if they’d been uttered by a man or a woman of the cloth.

Column: Another mass shooting, more ‘thoughts and prayers’

“Reports out of Texas are devastating. The people of Sutherland Springs need our prayers right now,”

Micek column: NFL beats Trump at his own game

On the day that Donald Trump tried to mess with America’s national religion, professional football took the knee and beat The Divider-in-Chief at his own game.

Micek column: Beyond Trump, can Americans survive each other?

Two essays this week, by two very different authors, take us deep into the tribalism that marks our politics.

Micek column: Where was Hillary for the past year?

There’s a line in Hillary Clinton’s new memoir of the 2016 campaign that may be among the most searingly honest utterances of her long career in public service:

Micek column: Two Trump policies at odds with one another

It’s already pretty clear that, in the Trump White House, the left hand often doesn’t know what the right hand is doing.

Micek column: From ‘I alone can fix it’ to ‘I won’t own it’

A year ago this week, newly anointed as his party’s candidate for president, Donald J. Trump capped the Republican National Convention in Cleveland by ascending the podium in the Quicken Loans Arena, and offering these words:

Micek column: Republicans and Democrats push back against Trump

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf hit the nail on the head last week when he refused to play along with the Trump administration’s invasive and unwarranted request for unfettered access to his state’s voter rolls.

Column: Maverick justice could be key to striking down travel ban

When he was out on the campaign trail last year, candidate Donald Trump promised to appoint conservative U.S. Supreme Court justices who’d adhere to a strict reading of the U.S. Constitution and return law-and-order to the land.