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John L. Micek

John L. Micek is a syndicated columnist

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Thirty-two seconds. That’s how long it took for the madman responsible for the carnage in Dayton, Ohio to shoot 26 people, killing nine, including his sister, and wounding 17 more before he was killed by police.

By John L. Micek August 15, 2019
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We’re at a turning point. Again.

By John L. Micek August 9, 2019
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Forget the teleprompter. If you want to know what President Donald Trump really thinks, turn to Twitter.

By John L. Micek August 6, 2019
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So here’s another reminder that the soul of who we are as a nation, our fundamental conception of ourselves as a people, is on the line in the 2020 election.

By John L. Micek July 28, 2019
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The next time a Republican tries to tell you that he or she is an heir to the legacy of Abraham Lincoln, remind them that in 2019, when the GOP had a chance to stand up to the worst kind of bigotry and un-American behavior, the self-styled “Party of Lincoln” was conspicuously and shamefully silent.

By John L. Micek July 19, 2019
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(Ext. 10 Downing Street, nighttime. The lights of London shine in the late evening. Revelers wander in and out of pubs. Big Ben stretches imperiously against a July sky. Inside No 10, a phone rings.)

By John L. Micek July 14, 2019
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When Ted Little and I met for the first time, we were both 8 years old, in the third grade and sitting a few desks apart from each other in math class.

By John L. Micek July 5, 2019
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If you cover enough of President Donald Trump’s campaign rallies — and I’ve covered a bunch — you know you can count on a few things.

By John L. Micek June 21, 2019
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It was tempting, for a moment there, to believe that President Donald Trump might get through his overseas trip to the United Kingdom and Normandy last week without finding a way to put his foot in his mouth.

By John L. Micek June 10, 2019
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Jessica Marquez-Gates is old enough to remember an America before Roe v. Wade.

By John L. Micek May 29, 2019

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