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10:33 PM Tue, Nov. 20th

Eric Moore

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Moore: Water foul foraging behavior in winter

This past week I received an interesting email from which I quote, “Hi Eric...I go for a walk every morning at sunrise.

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Moore: Let’s talk sapsucker

This past week there has been a red-naped sapsucker hanging out in my yard.

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Moore: Fall stragglers need to head south

I was hiking a segment of the Prescott Circle Trail by Willow Lake earlier this week and witnessed an American kestrel, the smallest falcon in North America, dive bombing a red-tailed hawk!

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Moore: Divers vs. Dabblers —what’s the difference?

In all the years I have lived in Prescott I don’t remember an October as cool and as wet as this year.

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Moore: Fall birding in Central Missouri

Last week I spent several days attending the Wild Bird Expo trade show in Mexico, Missouri.

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Moore: Consecutive birding days yields an interesting mix of birds

Last week I worked in Sedona for several days, and I went birding three consecutive mornings at the Sedona Wetlands Preserve. While I have been writing about fall migratory birds arriving, I hadn’t actually been out birding for a few weeks. It was fascinating to see first-hand that our fall birds are back!

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Moore: California condors, 250 and counting

This past Saturday I had the opportunity to be in attendance as four captive-bred California condors were released into the wild at the Vermilion Cliffs, north of the Grand Canyon.

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Moore: Wild bird migration can occur day, night

Wild bird migration can take on many forms. In the northern hemisphere, it typically involves moving from south to north in the spring, and then reversing the pattern in the fall.

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Moore: Caching food for times of scarcity

As we move into autumn, we may recall childhood memories of attending a fall harvest event. The activity of harvesting is as old as existence. Whether human or bird, there is an innate — almost urgent — need to both harvest and store food.

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Moore: Technology aids in bird identification

Birders in this modern age are blessed to have a lot of tools at our fingertips such as amazing optics and apps on our phones.

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