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8:14 AM Sun, Nov. 18th

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Dr. Ron Barnes

Stories by Dr. Ron

Column: A life lesson

Travel back with me to January 1942.

Column: Spring is calling, celebrate by climbing a tree

I love spring; always have. Especially when I was a kid, growing up in Kansas City.

Column: Books are no longer the treasure they once were

Increasingl, I am developing and reaffirming an insight which is abhorrent to me.

Column: Childish envy in the adult world

Ah, the wonderful world of children! And how much we can learn from them.

Column: High performers

I’ve been lucky during my life to work with and know a number of high performers.

Column: Odds & ends

Here is a series of random and, hopefully, relevant thoughts about issues that have recently caught my attention.

Column: Different languages in America

During the past several years I have spent considerable time thinking about immigrants.

Column: Birth order - part II

First a personal note: On behalf of my family, I want to express my deepest appreciation to the many of you who wrote personal notes following the death of My Beloved, sent checks to support the Betsy and Ron Barnes Youth Scholarship and/or attended the Celebration of Life gathering on Saturday morning, Feb. 4.

Column: MLK Jr.

Tomorrow we celebrate the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.

Column: You, me and us

Remember when you first laid eyes on the person who became your husband or wife?

Column: Citizenship reclaimed

Let’s listen for a moment to Lao Tzu who wrote these words 600 years before the birth of Christ:

Column: Rebirth

As we awaken this day from our warm beds And eat our hurried breakfasts Before sitting by the Christmas tree To give gifts to each other, Let’s take a moment to reflect

Column: Quotes I love

I think it’s time for you and me to lighten up, so I decided to turn my limited attention span to humor.

Column: Values of the past

Travel back with me to when you were in elementary school.

Column: A life script

“Life handed me a lousy script.” “Give it back,” I replied.

Column: Significant life lessons

Along with pounds one of the things we accumulate as we age are lessons.

Column: The election - part three

It’s been several weeks and I am still trying to cleanse my mind and heart from all the malicious and shameful rhetoric of individuals who ran for public office.

Column: The election - part two

Prescott’s downtown Cuppers is now treating a number of customers to free coffee.

Column: Doing good things

Well, it’s almost over. I hope we never experience another presidential election campaign like it.

Column: An imperfect world

The past few months again make it clear that we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world.

Column: Encourage dreams

It’s October. Halloween is drawing nigh.

Column: No to Proposition 205

I ask all of you folks who care about the young to vote against Proposition 205.

Column: On being pretty good

For years, My Beloved and I watched CBS on Sunday mornings because of Charles Kuralt.

Column: The young couple

How strange they sometimes are.

Column: Ranking the Presidents

Ever wonder how our national presidents would rank? Who were judged to be the most successful or greatest?

Column: Friendship

It’s happening more frequently now. I understand it’s a result of age, but it doesn’t make it any easier.

Column: Many kinds of intelligence

Suppose your youngest son takes a test. He is asked questions about vocabulary, arithmetic, whether he can remember a series of numbers and grasp analogies. There may be other tasks to perform, and then a little later, an examiner presents you with a single number—your son’s intelligence quotient (IQ).

Column: The sixth sense

How superstitious are you? Do you believe in supernatural experiences?

Column: Inventors

We humans are born inventors. And many of us did our best inventing when we were children.

Column: The Concisers and The Complicators

For lo these many years I have had some favorite words: Yes—No—Fine—Done—Okay—Lovely—Right—Super.

Column: The Barbershop

It was never known as just the neighborhood barbershop.

Column: A note from the teacher

Dear Parent: As you son’s elementary school teacher, I pledge to do my best to see that his year in my class is beneficial and challenging to him.

Column: Memories

Reading a recent article about the high percentage of veterans committing suicide and the many who are struggling with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) provoked a memory that took me back to an important lesson I learned sixty-three years ago when I was serving a tour of duty with the U.S. Army in Korea.

Column: Prescott College

Travel back with me to 1968. That was the year – summer really – when our family first arrived in Prescott.

Column: Solace

When was the last time you felt really down? Ever have a feeling that your life was meaningless?

Column: What is happiness?

When I was young, I thought I knew what happiness was.

Column: Labels

It’s a sad commentary, but I believe we the people are addicted to labels.

Column: Father's Day

I was nine or ten, an age when my attraction to white rats was at its zenith.

Column: Our children

If you are a father or mother of a certain age, you may have told your son that he might be president of the United States someday.

Column: Reasonable

“Be reasonable.” “Me?” I’m always reasonable. It’s you who isn’t being reasonable.”

Column: Rationalizations

I watched an interview recently of an athlete. He reminded me of an old tennis rival I used to compete against. He always had an excuse for his loss. He wasn’t feeling well. He had a new racquet that didn’t feeling right. The strings were too loose.

Column: Poverty & hunger

During the past few years a number of you have asked me how I got involved with the Hungry Kids Project.

Column: Mother’s Day memories

It’s waking up sick and she’s there holding my hand. It’s crying after I skinned my knee and being held tight ...

Column: Green beans cause stress

Mothers, if you have young children, you do not want them to read this column.

Column: The war effort

It was the spring of 1942. My elementary school class had already worked on several successful paper and scrap metal drives.

Column: Defining our character

Remember what it was like to be a kid?

Column: The Other Side

Back in the late ’50s when I became associated with a university, I became a skeptic.

Column: Differences

Sometimes I wonder if the differences between us can ever be resolved. We have so much in common, but it’s the differences that get our attention and seem to identify who we are.

Column: Is there value in therapy?

Recently I was asked two good questions by an old friend.

Column: Happiness

“Happiness is winning the lottery.” “Happiness is having all the money I want.” “Happiness is becoming famous.” “Happiness is living a life of comfort.”