Dr. Ron Barnes

Dr. Ron Barnes is a columnist for The Daily Courier.

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Barnes: Mother’s Day

It’s waking up sick and she was there holding my hand.

Barnes: Our country, right or wrong

I am increasingly concerned about what this nation has become — and is becoming.

Barnes: Are memories our most important possession?

What do each of us possess that may well be our most important possession? How about our memories?

Barnes: Thoughts on being a child

Rummaging through some old studies I have collected, I found one that deserves a revival.

Barnes: We are the sum of life choices we make

A Talmudic legend tells us that at a child’s conception, Leila, the angel of the night, brings the fetus before God.

Barnes column: Remembering my childhood days in Missouri

We’ve just experienced our first snow of the year and I hope all of us were grateful for the moisture, puny as it was.

Barnes Column: The inner self and sorrow

Travel back with me to the late ’30s.

Barnes Column: A few thoughts on the Games

Later this week the Olympic Games begin.

Column: The story

I suspect most of us can recall stories we heard or read back when we were youngsters.

Column: Lest we forget

If you are young, you need to know. If you are in your later years, it’s important to remember.

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