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Dick Polman

Dick Polman is the national political columnist at NewsWorks/WHYY in Philadelphia ( and a “Writer in Residence” at the University of Pennsylvania. Email him at

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The constitutional crisis has officially arrived. To the surprise of nobody with a cognitive intellect, Donald Trump has hauled us to this treacherous precipice.

By Dick Polman October 13, 2019
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The impeachable president whined last week that he missed the good days when the Fourth Estate covered him exactly the way he wanted. In his inimitable words, “I used to be the king of getting good press.”

By Dick Polman October 4, 2019
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We dare not contemplate what the Washington Republicans would say if Donald Trump were to actually shoot someone in the middle of Fifth Avenue.

By Dick Polman September 27, 2019
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Joe Biden has long been adept at talking with a foot in his mouth, so perhaps it’s no surprise late-ly he has overdosed on whoppers. Nevertheless, it has unnerved many Democrats to hear their 2020 front-runner oscillate so frequently between fact and fiction.

By Dick Polman September 8, 2019
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Pop quiz: What did Lyndon Johnson in 1968, Gerald Ford in 1976, Jimmy Carter in 1980, and George H. W. Bush in 1992 have in common?

By Dick Polman August 28, 2019
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Winston Churchill understood that in times of national emergency, it was imperative to forge alliances with anyone willing to help - no matter how odious those allies might be.

By Dick Polman August 20, 2019
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The word in Colorado is that John Hickenlooper is being pressured to quit his futile presidential quest and run for the Senate in 2020. Good.

By Dick Polman August 14, 2019
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Deep into last week’s Democratic debate, exasperated Republican strategist John Weaver tweeted: “When the topic is criminal justice, how are they not talking about the criminal in the White House? Huh?”

By Dick Polman August 4, 2019
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White racism was at the root of Donald Trump’s 2016 candidacy, and so it will be again in 2020.

By Dick Polman July 16, 2019

Is it possible to pluck one newsworthy moment from Wednesday night’s cacophonous 10-contestant Democratic quiz show?

By Dick Polman June 28, 2019

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