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3:51 PM Thu, Oct. 18th

Danny Tyree

Danny welcomes email responses at and visits to his Facebook fan page “Tyree’s Tyrades.” Danny’s weekly column is distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons Inc. newspaper syndicate.

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Tyree: Do you have an irrational fear of Halloween?

My son Gideon will not be trick-or-treating this year.

Tyree: Parents, do you know where your love letters are?

Maybe I shouldn’t share something so personal with the world, but…my love affair with books continues unabated.

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Tyree: Antibiotics versus appendectomies: May the best treatment win

I’m not a doctor. I don’t even play one in newspapers. (So, relax, Rex Morgan, M.D. But look out, big-nosed kid who likes to fly his Sopwith Camel in search of the Red Baron. You’ve got competition.)

Tyree: Ready to visit a rage room?

The imperishable words “Hulk smash!” aren’t just for green super-heroes anymore.

Tyree: Do you hate shaving?

“Stubble” is my middle name. No, not really. But I do find myself occupying that No Man’s Land…er, LOTS of Men’s Land… of not wanting a beard but not enjoying the whisker-removal process, either.

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Tyree: Mork, Taxi, WKRP: Happy 40th anniversaries!

As a college freshman in the fall of 1978, I spent countless evenings camped near the TV in the dorm lobby.

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Tyree: Teens, would it kill you to open a book?

Call me a nuanced curmudgeon.

Tyree: Would you move for a better job? Really?

When I was in school, many of my classmates were probably descended from settlers who built the town’s first log courthouse.

Tyree: Middle America, are you ready for your face tattoos?

Like many kids, I had a dalliance with washable temporary tattoos.

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Can the beer industry still brew up a comeback?

It’s a drastically different world than when I was working a summertime job during college.

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