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Chris Howard is a local USPTA Tennis Professional with over 45 years in the racquet and fitness industry. He can be reached at 928-642-6775 or

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Column: Women in tennis still pushing forward, part 2

'My Point'

Wikipedia states from Suzanne Lenglen’s book, “Lenglen was criticised widely for her decision to turn professional, and the All England Club at Wimbledon even revoked her honorary membership.”

Column: Women in the world of tennis are still pushing forward

'My Point'

Since the beginning of time, it seems like men have been “King of the Hill” while women in general were forced to take a back seat.

Column: Coaching in the world of tennis, past, present and future

'My Point'

The game of tennis has roots that go back much further than the year Major Wingfield patented it in February of 1874 and the development of the player skill sets as the years have advanced have taken enormous leaps and bounds as well.

Column: Is Indian Wells the ‘Garden of Eden’ for tennis lovers?

'My Point'

"California, I’ve been blue - since I’ve been away from you,” my eyes turn westward knowing it’s time to plan the trek back to the place made famous by the likes of so many great tennis players, a place simply known as the Masters Tennis Tournament in Indian Wells!

Column: Wave of future in tennis, ambidextrous players?

'My Point'

Just imagine if Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray could play the game of tennis with two forehands hitting groundstrokes, volleys and serves, yes using both their right and left hands equally well.

Column: How to deal with aches, pains from tennis matches

'My Point'

Does your body have its own way of talking to you like mine does after playing a tough tennis match?

Column: New technology great, but tennis world misses old-school routines

'My Point'

When you’ve been “Old School” for most of your life, the younger crowd wonders why you seem to be behind the times for what’s taking place in today’s world of tennis and everything else going on around us.

Column: Tennis doesn’t prosper without the help of many

'My Point'

Build it and they will come. A profane statement to say the least, because anyone in any business knows that isn’t the way it works - not even close. Locally the sport of tennis has taken decades to grow into a viable entity and it’s been one small step after another.

Column: The first slam of 2018, the Australian Open

'My Point'

The game of tennis is pretty much a year-round sport here in Arizona and professionally.

Column: What’s in and what’s out on the dreaded line call

'My Point'

A little over a week ago I played in a national tournament in the Phoenix area and for the most part really enjoyed each match in singles and doubles. The competition was tough and people converge for this last national from all over the country. I played people from Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, California, Canada and Arizona.

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