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Tue, Oct. 15

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Britt Flores, Courier Columnist
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Britt Flores is a freelance journalist for The Daily Courier. You can follow her advice on self-care on Twitter @bfloreswrites.

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Lately, there has been a huge buzz about the benefits of taking a daily vitamin D supplement, but did you know that specifically dosed, it can help combat the effects of depression and anxiety?

By Britt Flores, Courier Columnist October 10, 2019
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This week, I want to encourage every one of you, my dear readers, to book those doctor appointments you’ve been putting off.

By Britt Flores, Courier Columnist September 26, 2019
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Joe: I’m excited this month to partner with a writing friend and colleague, Britt Flores, who you may recognize as a The Daily Courier column writer. Britt is a PUSD parent with a second grader at Lincoln and a preschool student at PUSD’s Discovery Gardens.

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These past few days, the weather in Prescott has been glorious.

By Britt Flores, Courier Columnist September 12, 2019
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One of the hardest things for the human ego to do is apologize. Even when it’s glaringly apparent that what we’ve done or said is completely in the wrong, for some people, apologizing is difficult.

By Britt Flores, Courier Columnist August 29, 2019
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School officially started August 3 in the Prescott Unified School District, and we’ve all heard the saying, “School started this week, which means next week is Halloween, which means that basically it’s Thanksgiving and Christmas, so you had better start making cookies and fudge NOW, as well as write down all your New Year’s resolutions.”

By Britt Flores, Courier Columnist August 15, 2019
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Before I met my husband, I didn’t give the environment I surrounded myself with much thought beyond its function.

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Often, the grass seems greener on the other side of the fence. Whether it’s figuratively or literally, feeling as though someone else is more successful than you or having a better day than you, no matter how “enlightened” you may be, can create jealousy.

You may have heard of a new trend going around. It’s called “Social Media Cleansing”, and it’s the latest in a wave of popular ways to help people detox from their screens and foster engaging, in-the-moment, quality time with their family, friends and themselves.

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Like many women my age, I’ve been on a “diet” since my tweens.

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