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Dear Annie: An acquaintance in need

Dear Annie: An acquaintance from the local golf course, where we both play every week, told me he has prostate cancer. Although he went into far more detail about the discovery, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment options than I wanted to hear, I listened and expressed my sympathy.

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Dear Annie: A clash of merging styles

My husband and I have been having an argument about this for the past five years, and I am really hoping you can settle it once and for all.

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Dear Annie: Setting boundaries with visiting parent

Dear Annie: My children and I live about 350 miles away from my parents.

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Dear Annie: Disappearing cemetery flowers

Dear Annie: The artificial flowers on my grandparents’ graves have gone missing three out of the past four times my mother and I have put them out.

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Dear Annie: Forced to quit?

Dear Annie: My girlfriend (of a year) and I are both in our mid-20s and are both smokers.

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Dear Annie: There’s a lot in a name

Dear Annie: Seventy-one years ago, my father decided to honor his kid brother and heritage by naming me Iaina, the female derivative of Iain (also spelled Ian), and I have had to correct others’ spelling and pronunciation of it ever since.

Dear Annie: Bothersome third wheel

My girlfriend has a brother, “Joel,” who is 23 years old and has Asperger’s syndrome.

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Dear Annie: To have a baby or not; that is her question

How does one know whether she wants children?

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Dear Annie: Unwanted in the workplace

Dear Annie: I am not a fan at all of potlucks at work. First of all, I think it is rude to ask employees who have worked all day to bring food into work the next day.

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Dear Annie: Friend socializes with the ‘other woman’

Dear Annie: Not long ago, I got out of a relationship with an ex who was sometimes physically abusive to me.

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Dear Annie: Boyfriend enables irresponsible son

Dear Annie: I’ve been dating “Grant” for a few months, though we have known each other for 20-plus years.

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Dear Annie: Respondez right now

Dear Annie: You get lots of questions about weddings after the fact.

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Dear Annie: Brother butts in

Dear Annie: I am feeling so desperate, angry and frustrated. I deal with depression, and my brother is certainly not helping matters.

When will you stop beating your husband?

Dear Annie: This concerns unwanted reactions by others to my husband’s and my medical problems.

Dear Annie: What’s the right way to take a Lyft?

Dear Annie: About a month ago, a truck with an attached trailer lost control while on the highway and smashed into my sedan.

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Dear Annie: Space needed

Dear Annie: I am in a predicament. My best friend is also my neighbor, and I don’t know how to tell him I would prefer a call or text before he shows up in our house. It’s a daily occurrence.

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Dear Annie: Snot what you should do

Dear Annie: My good friend has a habit that makes it difficult for her fellow diners when she is out to eat.

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Dear Annie: Wisdom for couples considering marriage

Dear Annie: Wedding season is upon us. I have been married for over 30 years, and I would like to share some wisdom and hard truths with any prospective brides or grooms.

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Dear Annie: Lessons from a dog

Dear Annie: I wrote this list after saying goodbye to my beloved dog, Capra, and thought you might share it with readers.

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Dear Annie: Adult son has yet to repay loan from his mother

Dear Annie: A few years ago, one of my sons needed funds for support during some difficult times.

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Dear Annie: Aging parents need new social connections, less cable news

Dear Annie: My octogenarian parents recently visited my family for two weeks.

Dear Annie: Refrigerator-raiding roommate is rude

Dear Annie: I’m a recent college graduate, and I just moved into my first real apartment (as in, not campus housing).

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Dear Annie: No kids for us, thanks

Dear Annie: My husband and I have made the decision to refrain from having children.

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Dear Annie: Kids and screen time

Dear To E-book or Not to E-book: There is no reversing the digital revolution, so it’s better to show your children how to use technology responsibly than to pretend it doesn’t exist.

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Dear Annie: Teen not accepted by parents

Dear Annie: I am a healthy, strong teenager who goes to a great school.

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Dear Annie: Loving grandmother kept at arm’s length

Dear Annie: I’m very frustrated, and I would like your opinion, please.

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Dear Annie: Coming to terms with getting older

Dear Annie: My 30th birthday is just around the corner, and it’s bothering me more than I’d like to admit. I know that right about now, people older than I am are probably reading this and feeling insulted and/or rolling their eyes.

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Dear Annie: Working dumb hours

Dear Annie: I work in health and wellness for the largest retailer in the world.

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Dear Annie: Does an electronic invitation obligate the recipient to send a gift?

Dear Annie: I read your column in my local paper, and you seem to respond in an unbiased manner, so I am turning to you for advice.

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Dear Annie: Please, no pictures

Dear Annie: I have a problem I do not know what to do about.

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Dear Annie: What to do when there’s no reply

Dear Annie: I am a doctor and have a friend whom I see at medical conferences once or twice a year.

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Dear Annie: Can’t forget about her

Dear Annie: My family relocated the year I was entering ninth grade, and on the third day at my new school, as I was walking home, a girl I’ll call Ann ran up to my side, introduced herself and insisted on carrying my books to my home, some three blocks away.

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Dear Annie: Friend in a problematic relationship

Dear Annie: Last fall, my friend “Olive” and her boyfriend of five years, “John,” broke up.

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Dear Annie: Let him go to voicemail

Dear Annie: I am in a quandary about a situation. I am a widow. Sometime after my late husband passed away, an old friend and I renewed our friendship.

Dear Annie: Sullied grass is gross; be a good neighbor

The neighborhood is full of dog owners who walk their dogs and let them do their business on the neighbors’ lawns, sometimes way up the lawn and next to the house.

Dear Annie: She struggles to set boundaries with his mother

Dear Annie: I have been in a relationship with my fiance for seven years.

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Dear Annie: A Romeo con man

Dear Annie: I was born and raised in America but am engaged to a Nigerian guy I met on Facebook. We have been dating for two years now through text messages, video calls and phone calls.

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Dear Annie: Is her body a distraction?

Dear Annie: I work at a small office that employs all women. Most, including me, are older than 50.

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Dear Annie: Partner unsupportive of children

Dear Annie: I’m in a relationship with someone whom I thought would care about and love me. I met this man almost 10 years ago.

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Dear Annie: How to help a worried friend

Dear Annie: I have a friend who is going through a tough time, and I am wondering how I can help her.

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Dear Annie: Fertility woes

Dear Annie: My husband and I have had some difficulty getting pregnant. I am 32 and feel the clock ticking as each day without my having a fertility doctor passes.

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Dear Annie: Um, excuse you

Dear Annie: I’m a woman in my mid-20s.

Dear Annie: Pay your babysitter

I’m a college sophomore.

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Dear Annie: An ivory gift

Dear Annie: Twenty-five years ago, my husband and I honeymooned in Kenya.

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Dear Annie: Too angry to enjoy retirement

Dear Annie: My husband of nearly 50 years recently retired from a long and successful career as a litigator. He loved his work very much and rarely lost a case.

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Dear Annie: The in-laws would not approve of Dad

Dear Annie: I am a gay divorced father of three. I divorced the mother of my children after almost 30 very difficult years of psychological and physical abuse.

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Dear Annie: The truth hurts

Dear Annie: From the time you are born, your parents and elders tell you to always tell the truth.

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Dear Annie: It’s ‘Be Kind to Animals Week’

Dear Annie: I’m hoping you’ll print this for Be Kind to Animals Week.

Dear Annie: Fido can't hold it

I am having an issue with our 13-year-old bichon frise and am hoping that you can point me in the right direction.

Dear Annie: A lot of men sleep naked

Shortly after Christmas, my work friend, “Mike,” and I were talking at lunch and discovered we have the same problem.