Annie Lane

Advice columnist Annie Lane is a young wife and mother with a gift for helping other people solve problems. In a voice that's sympathetic, funny and firm, Lane provides common-sense solutions to life's dilemmas.

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Dear Annie: Adult daughter a financial burden

Dear Annie: I’m a 69-year-old retired widow living on a fixed income.

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Dear Annie: Don’t talk to mama with that mouth

Dear Annie: I’ve been married for 10 years. My husband and I live about 15 minutes from his mother.

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Dear Annie: Mom frustrated by daughter’s young-adult challenges

Dear Annie: My middle child graduated from college last year and has been driving me crazy ever since.

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Dear Annie: Mom's House of Horrors

I am a stay-at-home mom with three children under the age of 6.

Dear Annie: That ain’t good English

I would love to offer a couple of hours of my time to fix up those mistakes to make the website look more professional.

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Dear Annie: Wrestling with coming forward

Dear Annie: I’ve been feeling very inspired lately.

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Dear Annie: The kids aren’t all right

Dear Annie: I have been married to my husband for 11 years.

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Dear Annie: Retirement comes in with a bang

Dear Annie: I am a 67-year-old man who has extreme seller’s remorse and have slipped into depression from selling my business two years ago.

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Dear Annie: Dealing with the leftovers thief

Dear Annie: I have had this issue with a certain family member, and I am hoping you can advise me on what to do.

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Dear Annie: Husband addicted to game

Dear Annie: Ever since “Pokemon Go” came out, my husband has been spending a lot of time playing it.

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