Annie Lane

Advice columnist Annie Lane is a young wife and mother with a gift for helping other people solve problems. In a voice that's sympathetic, funny and firm, Lane provides common-sense solutions to life's dilemmas.

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Dear Annie: Please, no pictures

Dear Annie: I have a problem I do not know what to do about.

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Dear Annie: What to do when there’s no reply

Dear Annie: I am a doctor and have a friend whom I see at medical conferences once or twice a year.

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Dear Annie: Can’t forget about her

Dear Annie: My family relocated the year I was entering ninth grade, and on the third day at my new school, as I was walking home, a girl I’ll call Ann ran up to my side, introduced herself and insisted on carrying my books to my home, some three blocks away.

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Dear Annie: Friend in a problematic relationship

Dear Annie: Last fall, my friend “Olive” and her boyfriend of five years, “John,” broke up.

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Dear Annie: Let him go to voicemail

Dear Annie: I am in a quandary about a situation. I am a widow. Sometime after my late husband passed away, an old friend and I renewed our friendship.

Dear Annie: Sullied grass is gross; be a good neighbor

The neighborhood is full of dog owners who walk their dogs and let them do their business on the neighbors’ lawns, sometimes way up the lawn and next to the house.

Dear Annie: She struggles to set boundaries with his mother

Dear Annie: I have been in a relationship with my fiance for seven years.

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Dear Annie: A Romeo con man

Dear Annie: I was born and raised in America but am engaged to a Nigerian guy I met on Facebook. We have been dating for two years now through text messages, video calls and phone calls.

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Dear Annie: Is her body a distraction?

Dear Annie: I work at a small office that employs all women. Most, including me, are older than 50.

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Dear Annie: Partner unsupportive of children

Dear Annie: I’m in a relationship with someone whom I thought would care about and love me. I met this man almost 10 years ago.

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