Reader Poll:

The Board of Supervisors has approved a property tax increase to pay down pension debt and begin work on a Criminal Justice Center. How do you feel about this? (Choose one or two answers.)

  • I am fine with the property tax hike, the debt payments and the justice center. 7%
  • I oppose the property tax increase; this should go to a vote of the people. 40%
  • The county is looking out for our interests; I'd rather not pay more in property taxes, but these are needs. 8%
  • What happened to pension reform? The county needs to pursue that first. 15%
  • Forget the property tax increase. I am opposed to the justice center (jail). 11%
  • The property tax hurts residents on a fixed income. 19%
  • I do not care. 1%

1203 total votes

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