Reader Poll:

With gasoline prices increasing, what goes into your decision-making process of how, when and where to fill up? (Choose one to three answers.)

  • I go as far as I can on one tank, waiting as long as possible to fill up. 11%
  • I fill up at the same place every time, regardless of price. 18%
  • I fill my gas tank regularly before it gets below half full. 21%
  • I check/hunt for the lowest price, and drive to that station to fill up (no matter where it is). 7%
  • I don't fill up; I put in a little every now and then. 3%
  • I fill my vehicle and gas cans so I don't have to buy gas very often. 1%
  • I cut back on my driving when prices go high. 17%
  • I don't drive or I shift to walking/riding a bike to save money. 1%
  • I don't pay attention to gas prices at all. I buy gas and I drive. 21%

980 total votes

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