Reader Poll:

A developer hopes to build 3,850 homes near the Peavine Trail, just north of the Granite Dells and close to the iconic Point of Rocks. How do you feel about this?

  • It's private property, the owners should be able to do what they want (within city codes). 12%
  • I have no objection to developing that area per se, but growth overall is getting out of hand. That and other developments in the northern part of Prescott will change the nature of town and impact our quality of life. 10%
  • This is a travesty. The Granite Dells are the heart of the community, and a subdivision in that area should not be allowed. The city should buy the property and keep it forever as it is now. 58%
  • I'm not crazy about the idea of homes along the Peavine Trail, but support property rights. The developer should do everything possible to make the journey down the trail as organic as possible, and avoid putting up walls or homes too close to the trail. 20%

1232 total votes

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