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Sun, June 07

Sports Commentary

We are in a time of our lives where we are witnessing riots, violence and total disrespect for others, authority and property. Let’s not have any of this, with tempers flaring out of control, anywhere on or around the golf course. Golf should be a fun and safe haven for us all.

MLB teams are in cost-cutting mode, which is understandable given the economic conditions surrounding the game during the strangest summer in the sport’s history.

Tennis isn’t what it was 3 or 4 months ago, with a barrage of events, league play, full tennis groups, and all facilities open for play without restrictions and now some trepidation in our mindset.

Is hiking more of an exploration for you, an adventure or marching/strolling down the trail, putting one foot in front of the other under ideal weather conditions?

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought financial devastation to all sectors of our economy, including academia, but it’s business as usual in collegiate athletic departments around the country.

My brother Jeff and I discussed how the makeup of a match like 23 singles grand slam winner Serena Williams would do today against former great and bad boy, commentator, tennis legend, John McEnroe, with their current age difference.

Playing golf with your spouse can be fulfilling. The dream is to do something together with your spouse that enhances your relationship.

In professional sports, disputes between owners and players over money come with the territory. But the current bickering between MLB and the Players’ Association over how much players should be paid in a truncated 2020 season sets a new low for greed and selfishness.

The Yavapai College tennis facility opened back up this past Saturday with all seven courts in use by 8 a.m. and the patrons are thrilled to be playing there once again.

In memory of Louis Yeager, let’s hike the canyon named for him on Mingus Mountain. He died on May 9, 1911 and he had a mine here. He also herded sheep. Arizona Place Names notes that the road to the mine was used by 20-mule freight wagons. I don’t know the significance of this factoid, but I do know that the road to Jerome from Prescott Valley, continues to impact the hiking experience on Trail 28.

Major League Baseball will reportedly reduce next month’s amateur draft to five rounds, a significant reduction from last year’s 40. The decision will have short- and long-term consequences to the game, most of them bad.

Due to the COVID-19 (coronavirus), life has indeed changed on many fronts especially the last two months here in Prescott. Even for the tennis players and their normal outdoor routines with Yavapai College and the Prescott High School tennis facilities locked up - most would say at this point unwarranted.

Professional sports are facing an uncertain future in 2020. Will they begin or resume play? If so, where and when will the games be held? Will fans be allowed to attend?

G.O.L.F. Or, great opportunities, lifetime friends. Let’s discuss the first part of this acronym, “great opportunities.” Let’s replace “challenge” with “opportunity.”

As a newbie tennis player in the 1960’s and at ages 12 to 13 I was the low man (kid) on the totem pole in regard to wanting to play with the better men and women players in the area of Newark, Ohio.

Having recently discussed risk and healthy hiking, let’s take it to the next level by asking fellow hikers, “They say it’s edible, what do you think?”

By Ted Johnson, Courier Columnist April 29, 2020

With the majority of Americans sheltering at home amid the global coronavirus pandemic, it may be difficult to envision attending a live sports event any time soon.

So, here we are with pretty much our former active tennis lives put on hold with a virus that has taken over the world.

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While sports is on hold during the coronavirus pandemic, there are surely lessons to be learned.

By PAUL NEWBERRY, AP Sports Columnist April 17, 2020

Sometimes it pays to state the obvious. Hiking is healthy. Hiking, as a lifestyle, is a great way to manage the threat posed by a pandemic.

By Ted Johnson, Courier Columnist April 16, 2020

Give MLB props for trying. The league and players’ union are bandying about a number of ideas in an effort to salvage some semblance of a 2020 season.

Here we are, ready to start our finals match at the Southwest Grass Court Tennis Tournament, a level one event with enough ranking points to give us the No. 1 ranking - at least to this early point in the spring season of the 65’s.

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They call the wind “Mariah” and sometimes use more colorful words! Spring is almost here and the paramount weather challenge we face at this time of year is the wind.

With all the tragic and devastating news of late, we shouldn’t lose sight of the good things that are being done in our country, including those that occur in the sports world.

“To play or not to play,” that’s definitely the question tennis players have been kicking around among themselves since the corona virus hit the scene.


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