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4:39 PM Wed, Nov. 14th



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Letter: Banning cellphone use

It is extremely difficult for me to believe that anyone would be against banning cellphone use while driving. This includes government, politicians, and individuals. It seems like a no-brainer!

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Letter: Classic for a reason

Referring to the column by Mr. Williams on classical music, I really thought it was a joke. But as I read it I realized he was serious.

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Letter: A real community

Okay, who’s in favor of it? Social Security? Anyone ready to give up their Social Security? I mean, anyone but very wealthy people? What about Medicare? Are those who have it, glad they do?

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Letter: Suppressed anger on the Hill

The Kavanaugh hearing and the disrespect shown to the accusers by the “president” and the republican senators has finally burst a dam of suppressed anger that has kept many women silent for decades.

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Letters: Kavanaugh not on trial

John, if you think it was fair what the democrats put Mr. Kavanaugh and family through, you’re wrong.

Letter: Preserve the Dells

As a long-term Prescott resident, I, like many others, feel that the Granite Dells are the true heart and soul of Prescott.

Letter: Delay changes nothing

The column on Sunday, Sept. 30, expressing your support and admiration for Sen. Flake leaves out an important and key factor.

Shannon: Illegal aliens regularly granted lawless benefits

Michael Anton is amazed by housebroken conservatives that support an immigration position that will eventually remove any chance for conservative government.

Letter: Devastating report

Arizona Prosecutor Rachel Mitchell who questioned Dr. Ford in the Senate Kavanaugh hearing regarding her accusations against Judge Kavanaugh issued a nine-page report that was released to all Senators on Sunday, Sept. 30.

Letter: Why is accuser believed?

What has happened to the “presumption of innocence?”

Letter: It’s not the schools

After reading a recent letter from frequent contributor Ed Kahn, I was appalled that a person with an advanced degree (law) would be so woefully ignorant of the history and importance of public education in the United States.

Letter: We need the water

Water users of Prescott, Prescott Valley, Chino Valley, et al, are we all paying attention to our water resources situation?

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Letter: Better uses for money

In regards to spending $50,000 for the courthouse memorial to honor the fallen Hotshots, might I suggest we ask the families who received the $1,000,000+ of our taxpayer monies to spend their money to build this memorial.

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Letter: Eye of the beholder

Wow! Janet Ashby took the Courier’s cartoon far too seriously.

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Letter: Collateral damage

Our law is predicated upon the assumption of innocent until proven guilty.

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Letters: Bill Cosby conviction a win for all

The conviction and sentencing of Bill Cosby is a victory, not just for women, but for all people.

Letters: Democrats’ ‘gang’ wrong

With disregard for and disrespect of a sitting court judge, the Democrats have called Brett Kavanaugh evil, dangerous, and one senator said “we will use everything and anything to stop your confirmation.”

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Letters: Wrong standards

If unsubstantiated allegations without an iota of supporting evidence is the new standard for conviction of people, then we should all be incensed because then it’s not whether a man actually did this; it’s only if a woman says it did. No defense needed.

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Letter: Democratic Socialism

While the political rhetoric boils over, the far-left is vigorously promoting Democratic Socialism as their platform for November’s midterm elections.

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Letter: World Day for Farm Animals

I just learned that there is a World Day for Farm Animals, coming up on Oct. 2 (Gandhi’s birth date). It’s intended to memorialize the billions of animals abused and killed for food each year.

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Letter: A tasteless editorial cartoon

Sept. 25: “Hi, Timmy. Want to go Ride Bikes?” and Timmy’s response of “Are you kidding?! And lose my chance to serve on the Supreme Court someday? NO WAY!”

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Letter: A better way to manage Prescott National Forest

The recent forest management tool of fire is effective if executed with precision. However, the current efforts along Walker road depict a burn that got out of control, scorching many of the trees so severely they are now being removed by the county.

Letter: Please vote

Regarding Paul Starbuck’s Letter to the Editor on Sept. 20, “Won’t be voting”: I agree with everything Paul said in his letter except for this one line: This November, I won’t vote.

Letter: Transit giving back

This is in response to your front page story of homeless vets obtaining a driver’s license or ID card from Motor Vehicle Division at a reduced cost.

Letter: Beware when donating

Many kudos to The Daily Courier for publishing an excellent editorial regarding how to choose charity funds wisely.