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2:04 PM Tue, Sept. 18th



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Letters: Church and state

Editor: A wall of separation between church and state

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Letters: Political history

I was a registered Democrat back in the 1960s and 70s and as a Democrat some fellow Republicans told me I was a communist because I was a Democrat.

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Letters: Top VA leaders

Regarding Nancy Hutson’s article on July 20, “Top VA Leaders Leave.”

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Letters: Name calling

You have carried op ed commentators in the past with whom I seriously disagreed, but Michael Shannon’s opinions are totally offensive.

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Letters: Law enforcement

OK, now the county has money to give pay raises to our law enforcement folks!

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Letters: Democratic Socialist

I am getting tired of folks smearing Democratic Socialism by equating it with communism, socialism, and totalitarianism.

Letter: Shoemaker’s letter

I do not disagree with C.R. Shoemaker’s letter to the editor in which he laments that our nation is more divided than it has been since the Civil War.

Letter: Which Veterans are worthy of respect?

While walking in the Prescott (Patriotic) 4th of July parade, I had the unique and unnerving experience of Political Correctness Veterans Respect.

Letter: Bad behavior

Concerning all the critical analysis of President Trump has received over the Helsinki summit with Putin — perhaps it’s time to think about what the real problems are in this situation.

Letter: Revenue

I must object to the tone of the short article in Monday’s paper “Arizona recorded most revenue ever during past fiscal year.”

Letter: 'Trumpian’

The letter, “Legacy Reversed,” July 31 cheers about Obama’s legacy being “destroyed.”

Letter: Evolution

David McNabb’s interesting letter (07-08-18) agrees with Diane Douglas (Arizona’s Education Superintendent) and her support of creationism, while bashing Victor Holm’s recent letter explaining evolution as being scientific.

Letter: Illegal entrants

In the July 29 edition of the Daily Courier, Mr. Richard Rosenfield of Prescott wrote in to express the view that a border wall would be overly expensive and will not work, but he expressed no constructive ideas about illegal immigration.

Letter: Legacy reversed

Obama’s legacy has been destroyed.

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Letters: Tribute Center

If you have not visited the GMIHC Learning & Tribute Center (Prescott 19 Hotshots) at the Prescott Gateway Mall yet, please do so.

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Letters: Debt

I enjoyed Scott Orr’s Sunday article on credit card debt, and I told him so.

Letter: Be heard

The long-expected class struggle is underway.

Letter: No mine

I live in the beautiful community of Skull Valley for the past 21 years.

Letter: Existential threat

We have known for years the demographics of the United States is changing.

Letter: Non-sense Wall

Regardless of anyone’s position on immigration, the proposed border wall makes no sense.

Letter: Lieutenant governor needed

The state of Arizona needs a lieutenant governor.

Letter: Dells posterity

I was originally moved to write a letter to the editor after riding the new trail system developed by the city and the Over-The-Hill Gang at Brownlow Park.

Letter: Be civil to each other

It was such a pleasure to see President Trump (on FOX news) present a Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously to the widow of an American hero of WWII.

Letter: Majesty Drive

I will come right to the point.

Letter: Gas station

I hasten to agree with Mary Fredrickson in her article, “Development.”