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7:12 AM Sat, Jan. 19th



Letter: Stringer and free speech

I read Patricia Gillenwater’s letter about Rep. David Stringer’s possible resignation, and I agree with her but I have some remarks.

Letter: Time to resign

The recent op-ed piece in the Daily Courier by our representative, Noel Campbell, begs a response.

Letter: My choice to give

Help, by giving… How do you know a person’s struggle?

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Letters: Save the Dells

It’s simple, save the Dells, save Prescott’s history and Western culture.

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Letters: Right moves

I would like to respond to Bob Lynne’s letter. According to him, President Trump and his administration are anti-American, homophobic, anti-civil rights and anti-education.

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Letter: Stringer support

I don’t always agree with what Tim Wiederaender has to say, but he hit the nail on the head when addressing the hoopla over David Stringer’s comments.

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Letter: Stringer fallout

For the second time in a year, Rep. David Stringer has made headlines with his remarks on race and immigration.

Letter: Bad cartoon

The political cartoon depicting the Washington Monument/Trump Annex is the singularly most offensive political cartoon in my 77-year memory.

Letter: Benefit of doubt

Calls for Rep. David Stringer to resign? Is this all our state Legislature and City Council have to do?

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Letter: It’s a tax

Yes, it is a vehicle tax, Rep. Noel Campbell.

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Letter: Budget woes

Wow! $32 more to register my 10-year-old car, $10 more per month to register the space that my home sits on.

Letter: Tax is a tax

First our state representatives tried to convince us they needed more gas tax dollars.

Letter: Real leadership

I was a Republican and later a Democrat. Now I’m neither.

Letter: Hand-held devices while driving

I read the letter by Kirby Hughes in the Courier of Nov. 29.

Letter: Being critical of a columnist

Recently a reader, Hadley Mills, took the time to write to the Courier critical of syndicated columnist Dick Polman. Then on Nov. 26, 2018, the Courier published well-written letter by Bill Hazelwood critical of Polman’s column also.

Letter: Make a difference

I have lived in the Prescott area for 13 years and am horrified that the Prescott City Council would entertain the idea of allowing AED Developers to essentially destroy one of the “natural wonders” of this area by not preserving a portion of the Granite Dells for the public to enjoy and use.

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Letters: Ill-advised zoning

Ill-advised zoning Editor: My husband, Bard Schatzman, and I relocated to Pronghorn Ranch this May from the Chicago suburb of Woodridge, where I served on the Plan Commission for over nine years.

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Letters: Open space?

Open space? Editor: Many thanks to the Goddess of Elections. She heard the prayers of Discouraged Democrats, Reasonable Republicans and Irritated Independents regarding the now-infamous midterm elections.

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Letter: Transgender question

Recent outrage in conservative media has focused on a nasty custody fight over a 6-year-old Texan called James by his father and Luna by his mother.

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Letter: Naloxone cost

The story by Max Efrein in The Daily Courier was informational and gave good information about “spotting an overdose” and administering the lifesaving drug naloxone.

Letter: Flags along highway

I find it very disturbing that, a few years ago, there was a big stink about advertising flags being along the highway.

Letter: Proud Trump hater

Concerning Noel Dusek’s letter entitled “Trump Hater” in response to my posting of Oct. 28, 2018 (“Government and Bone saws”), I have the following to say.

Letter: Possible border wall names

A friend suggested that if we called the Border Wall something else, it might be more palatable.

Letter: $32 fee is smoke, mirrors

So the new “fee” for vehicle registration is going up $32 per vehicle when it was originally understood it would be more like $18.

Letter: Private property rights not absolute

When we bought our home eight years ago, the house included an Arizona room. Later we applied for a land use permit to build an outbuilding.