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1:38 PM Fri, Nov. 16th



Letter: Big Chino pumped storage project

I read with great concern and dismay the Sept. 29 Courier article on the proposed Big Chino pumped storage project, to be located northwest of Paulden.

Letter: What is working for America?

I absolutely say that President Trump needs to lose his Twitter account.

Letter: Kavanaugh-Kennedy confusion

An opinion published in the Courier on Oct. 16 contains a series of errors in the basic facts surrounding the Senate confirmation of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

Letter: Distracted driving local?

It is difficult for me to imagine that any one person would be for unfettered use of handheld devices while driving. Yet irresponsible people do.

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Letter: Music column off mark

The Wil Williams column regarding classical music was a pathetic attempt at humor that failed on all fronts. If he was trying to amuse or be controversial, he only succeeded in making himself out to be a cretin.

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Letter: Shifting focus

Regarding Wayne Savoie’s letter, in one respect, President Trump is a genius because he has the ability to shift the focus on women who have been sexually assaulted to men who fear being accused of sexual assault and assert that men are the real victims.

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Letter: Dow facts

On Jan. 20, 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average was 7,949.09 — the lowest on an Inauguration Day.

Letter: Public school system issues

I agree with the writer who is frustrated with the erosion of the U.S. Public school system (Sept. 14, 2018). He suggests that dark money interests are attempting to demoralize teachers.

Letter: A call for dress code in public schools

The article “What Grade Did Your School Receive?” (Courier Oct. 12) caught my eye.

Letter: No Dunkin Donuts?

Regarding Peter Funt’s article on corporate names and in particular Dunkin Donuts upcoming name change to Dunkin:

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Letters: Fight over border wall

This letter is in response to the article “Congress Heads Toward Postelection Fight Over Border Wall.”

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Letters: Discussing energy rates

A recent column by Steve Pierce claims “California energy rates are 50 percent higher than Arizona.”

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Letters: Time for a change

I applaud Susan Lanning’s defense of our civilized country in her Oct. 8 letter, “A Real Community.”

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Letter: Economic hairs

Mr. Fowler’s letter “Splitting Economic Hairs” is yet another partisan version of the facts.

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Letter: Growth and Water

As I see it regarding the water availability issue and growth.

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Letter: Furor over Kavanaugh

When will the democrats wise up?

Letter: Gun laws

Mrs. Aagesen took me to task about my letter regarding gun laws in Sweden. I tried to find the “60 Minutes” episode on the web but as usual, can’t.

Letter: News from one station

This is a story my mom told me.

Letter: Water issues

It does indeed roll downhill. The potable water problem will continue to be an ongoing concern.

Letter: Nike

One of the Southeast Asia locations that manufacturers Nike footware is Vietnam.

Letter: Cell phones

Regarding “Banning Cell Phone use” submitted by J.J Volpe.

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Letter: Tax bill due date

Does anyone else but me consider getting our property tax bill due October 1 on October 1 unacceptable and insulting?

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Letter: Classical music

I’d like to respond to a column by Wil Williams regarding his rant on classical music.

Letter: More memorials?

I agree with Therese A. Sitiko regarding her opposition to the city spending $50,000 for another Hotshot memorial.

Letter: Splitting economic hairs

Courier columnist Tom Cantlon made several erroneous statements concerning the tax cuts under President Trump.