Letter: Vote on the pipeline

Yes, it is time to act on the Big Chino proposed pipeline project.

Letter: Sad day, Citi Bus

I am very disappointed that Citi Bus had to close down its service this past week.

Letter: Things went swimmingly

The Prescott Swim Team recently hosted their annual home swim meet, the Prescott Plunge, over the MLK holiday weekend and wanted to thank those that helped.

Letter: Bring back the 17th

Re: “Don’t limit voters’ choices in U.S. Senate race” and “Insulting Voters.”

Letter: Public should do budget

Since the members of the U.S. Congress seem incapable of fulfilling their duty to pass spending bills to fund our government, I propose that half of this responsibility be returned to the citizens.

Letter: Death of a Democracy

How does a democracy die these days?

Letter: Great idea, not

What a great idea: put everybody’s home alarm system information on a computer that is accessible via an online portal using the internet!

Letter: Wage suppression

I’m responding to Larry Wonderling’s Talk of the Town column.

Letter: License fees

I have read that two lawmakers want to raise vehicle license fees by $8 million.

Letter: Bighorn poaching

Outfitter Larry Altimus was rightfully convicted for the felony of poaching a bighorn ram in Utah.

Letter: Valentines

Parents who lost a child to addiction are sending Valentines to their Governors and the President

Letter: Power to the people

I was appalled to read on Jan. 25, that state Rep. Travis Grantham proposes in his HCR 2022 that the power to make choices for nominations for election of U.S. senators would be placed in the hands of the legislature, not the public.

Letter: Loss of credibility

A complete lack of trust amongst the membership towards the actions of the Prescott Country Club Property Owners' Association board of directors.

Letter: Enforce or change the law

Larry Wonderling’s recent Talk of the Town decrying improved U.S. border security was disingenuous.

Letter: Taxes hurt

I think all voters should know more about the Prescott bed tax. Council members, reporters and others have referred to the “motel tax,” a transient tax or a tourist piece of revenue.

Letter: Tax analysis is simple

The government’s annual expenditures and tax revenues are published in the separate annuals of World Book Encyclopedia.

Letter: Open space kudos

After the Courier’s great Jan. 28 article, “Prescott closes escrow on Dells open space acquisition,” I thank Prescott’s Mayor and Council for this magnificent acquisition and the courageous recent actions that made it possible.

Letter: Close call

A missile controller is sitting at a computer terminal on a missile base in Colorado.

Letter: Stop DACA

Many of The Daily Courier’s readers endorse DACA, painting themselves as compassionate and the rest of us who do not support DACA as inhumane.

Letter: Poking the bear

Boy did I poke the bear! Two lefties took exception to my letter. One stopped just short of calling me a liar.

Letter: No hikers, just guns

The hiker suggests this was an act of attempted murder (“...it was clear that someone purposefully shot at us”.)

Letter: Thanks for dinner

On Christmas Day just past, my wife and I, accompanied by a widow friend, had Christmas dinner as guests of St. Luke’s Episcopal Church near the airport in Prescott.

Letter: Test the elderly

Concerning talks about the elderly and their poor driving habits: why not, when they renew their licenses, have them take a physical driving test at age 75 or whatever.

Letter: Spoiled idiots

Here we go again! A government shut down by a bunch of spoiled idiots.

Letter: History lesson

Editor, Thanks, Ken Sain, for warning us of your attempt to explain the Constitution.