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11:55 AM Mon, Oct. 15th



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Letter: Collateral damage

Our law is predicated upon the assumption of innocent until proven guilty.

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Letters: Bill Cosby conviction a win for all

The conviction and sentencing of Bill Cosby is a victory, not just for women, but for all people.

Letters: Democrats’ ‘gang’ wrong

With disregard for and disrespect of a sitting court judge, the Democrats have called Brett Kavanaugh evil, dangerous, and one senator said “we will use everything and anything to stop your confirmation.”

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Letters: Wrong standards

If unsubstantiated allegations without an iota of supporting evidence is the new standard for conviction of people, then we should all be incensed because then it’s not whether a man actually did this; it’s only if a woman says it did. No defense needed.

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Letter: Democratic Socialism

While the political rhetoric boils over, the far-left is vigorously promoting Democratic Socialism as their platform for November’s midterm elections.

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Letter: World Day for Farm Animals

I just learned that there is a World Day for Farm Animals, coming up on Oct. 2 (Gandhi’s birth date). It’s intended to memorialize the billions of animals abused and killed for food each year.

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Letter: A tasteless editorial cartoon

Sept. 25: “Hi, Timmy. Want to go Ride Bikes?” and Timmy’s response of “Are you kidding?! And lose my chance to serve on the Supreme Court someday? NO WAY!”

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Letter: A better way to manage Prescott National Forest

The recent forest management tool of fire is effective if executed with precision. However, the current efforts along Walker road depict a burn that got out of control, scorching many of the trees so severely they are now being removed by the county.

Letter: Please vote

Regarding Paul Starbuck’s Letter to the Editor on Sept. 20, “Won’t be voting”: I agree with everything Paul said in his letter except for this one line: This November, I won’t vote.

Letter: Transit giving back

This is in response to your front page story of homeless vets obtaining a driver’s license or ID card from Motor Vehicle Division at a reduced cost.

Letter: Beware when donating

Many kudos to The Daily Courier for publishing an excellent editorial regarding how to choose charity funds wisely.

Letter: Speak louder this election

If ever there was a time for the America people to step up to the plate for our democracy, that time is in November.

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Letter: Medicaid now, what’s next?

Thousands of Arizonans who are low-income, elderly and unemployed have received letters that stated they will no longer receive Medicaid.

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Letter: Tax dollars

A recent article mentioned a Catholic nun driving a bus and being against the federal tax cuts. She believes taxes should be raised so the federal government could give better care for individuals in need.

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Letter: Choice: Trump

I write in response to Douglas Newman’s letter shaming a Republican, especially a veteran, who voted for Donald Trump.

Letter: Input from citizens

While our beleaguered council deals with its Hilton Garden Hotel decisions, we should realize that this same council might continue to give away community assets with minimum or zero input from its citizens.

Letter: The whole story

This is in reference to the Sept. 18 article regarding Bed Tax Money.

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Letter: Let us speak

I have been frustrated and saddened by your cartoons in the opinion section of late.

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Letter: A local hero

Sawyer Fields, a 12-year-old Basis Prescott student, should be everyone’s hero. He will be donating $100 from his earnings of $15 a month for chores in hopes of saving the Dell’s "history and future … nature and wildlife … for my generation and the future."

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Letter: Shame, shame

I’m curious as to how anybody in the Republican Party can support a man like our president after the way he has treated John McCain.

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Letter: Survivors

As a Mental Health Professional of over 30 years, I have worked with so many survivors of both physical and sexual abuse/assault.

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Letter: Dr. Ford and the FBI

The reason that Dr. Ford wants an FBI investigation is to know what investigation facts she can use so that she can say what, if anything, the FBI found out.

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Letter: Bedrock of our democracy?

Apparently, some writers fear that our public education system, “the bedrock of our democracy,” is under attack, and are not happy about that. They should wonder why that is.

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Letter: Near Prescott?

Regarding the article about deer in Yavapai Hills, I am tired of reading about Yavapai Hills “near Prescott.”

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Letter: Charter schools, do the math

The problem with teachers is that they don’t do the math. Don’t worry about teaching every child, think about making money. Form a company and open a charter school.