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2:07 AM Mon, Aug. 20th



Letter: Shoemaker’s letter

I do not disagree with C.R. Shoemaker’s letter to the editor in which he laments that our nation is more divided than it has been since the Civil War.

Letter: Which Veterans are worthy of respect?

While walking in the Prescott (Patriotic) 4th of July parade, I had the unique and unnerving experience of Political Correctness Veterans Respect.

Letter: Bad behavior

Concerning all the critical analysis of President Trump has received over the Helsinki summit with Putin — perhaps it’s time to think about what the real problems are in this situation.

Letter: Revenue

I must object to the tone of the short article in Monday’s paper “Arizona recorded most revenue ever during past fiscal year.”

Letter: 'Trumpian’

The letter, “Legacy Reversed,” July 31 cheers about Obama’s legacy being “destroyed.”

Letter: Evolution

David McNabb’s interesting letter (07-08-18) agrees with Diane Douglas (Arizona’s Education Superintendent) and her support of creationism, while bashing Victor Holm’s recent letter explaining evolution as being scientific.

Letter: Illegal entrants

In the July 29 edition of the Daily Courier, Mr. Richard Rosenfield of Prescott wrote in to express the view that a border wall would be overly expensive and will not work, but he expressed no constructive ideas about illegal immigration.

Letter: Legacy reversed

Obama’s legacy has been destroyed.

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Letters: Tribute Center

If you have not visited the GMIHC Learning & Tribute Center (Prescott 19 Hotshots) at the Prescott Gateway Mall yet, please do so.

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Letters: Debt

I enjoyed Scott Orr’s Sunday article on credit card debt, and I told him so.

Letter: Be heard

The long-expected class struggle is underway.

Letter: No mine

I live in the beautiful community of Skull Valley for the past 21 years.

Letter: Existential threat

We have known for years the demographics of the United States is changing.

Letter: Non-sense Wall

Regardless of anyone’s position on immigration, the proposed border wall makes no sense.

Letter: Lieutenant governor needed

The state of Arizona needs a lieutenant governor.

Letter: Dells posterity

I was originally moved to write a letter to the editor after riding the new trail system developed by the city and the Over-The-Hill Gang at Brownlow Park.

Letter: Be civil to each other

It was such a pleasure to see President Trump (on FOX news) present a Congressional Medal of Honor posthumously to the widow of an American hero of WWII.

Letter: Majesty Drive

I will come right to the point.

Letter: Gas station

I hasten to agree with Mary Fredrickson in her article, “Development.”

Letter: Sad time

I would like to submit some thoughts about our current administration.

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Letter: Diversity, uniqueness

It was ironic that the letter from Vivian Farmer was titled “Welcome.”

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Letter: Our choice

As a nation, when we look into the mirror, what do we see? When we speak to the world, what do we proclaim?

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Letter: Immigration policy

Anyone concerned with unrestricted immigration, legal and otherwise, and its impact on the environment should read the column “As population rises, leaders ignore the obvious” by Joe Guzzardi, Daily Courier, Monday, July 23.

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Letter: Choosing who to vote for

This is a plea to all citizens to use discretion and honesty in choosing who and what you vote for.

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Letter: Big Chino project

Your water source is threatened by the proposed Big Chino Pumped Storage Project.