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1:56 PM Tue, Dec. 18th



Letter: Word choice

You guys are doing better than the Associated Press, however “illusive” is not the right word to describe the behavior of the Wallaby in the zoo fire.

Letter: It took me 2 minutes

Why do you publish letters to the editors with false information?

Letter: Widening at Granite Dells

The recent suggestion in the Courier that the city might consider widening Rt. 89 through the Granite Dells should give us pause to consider the extent to which taxpayers are subsidizing development in our area and our long-term financial liability in supporting this and other development.

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Letters: Fossil fuel facts?

The fossil fuel column by Peter Roff on Tuesday, Nov. 27, reeled off lots of nonsense about energy independence and infrastructure.

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Letters: Health care realities

RE: Tom Purcell’s column regarding concierge doctors Thank you for sharing your insights and experiences on trying to find affordable health care.

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Letter: Fee discussion

The story Sunday, Nov. 25, on page 10A titled “Should people living at the county’s outskirts pay more in permit fees?” should really be titled “The county is spending more money to provide building services than it takes in in service fees. ..."

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Letter: Radical peace

With an exodus of migrants headed towards The United States we have an opportunity to challenge the ways our borders are used to separate instead of welcome.

Letter: New City Hall

I was interested in the recent article regarding the possibilities for reimagining the City Hall and other municipal services into a consolidated central location.

Letter: Response to distracted drivers

I am writing in response to the letter to the editor regarding distracted drivers and road crash injuries and fatalities as reported by Kirby Hughes on Nov. 28.

Letter: May I have more, sir?

I want to know how a school can tell a young child that they cannot have seconds on lunch. My daughter attended Del Rio School to have Thanksgiving lunch with her daughter recently.

Letter: Scrutiny assault

Bob Lynne’s letter in the Nov. 28 Courier, “Trump’s assault on civil rights,” would be more appropriate in your Rants & Raves section.

Letter: Splitting the fat

I am responding to Tom Taylor’s letter in the Nov. 16 edition concerning recipes in the Courier.

Letter: Welcome to Phoenix North

Why the need to keep expanding the tract home builds in Prescott? Most of us moved here so we could actually enjoy close - by open spaces, clean air and uncongested roads.

Letter: Dells temptation

Yes, Councilman Jim Lamerson is right there are private property rights, but I don’t know why the City of Prescott needs to be a party to the desecration of the Dells.

Letter: Cooks Page

Re: Tom Taylor letter of Nov. 16, title Cooks Page

Letter: Open space

Prescott residents are drawn here by the raw beauty of the wild landscape and its abundant animal life: pronghorns, deer, mountain lions, bobcats, raccoons, coyotes, and smaller creatures.

Letter: Distracted driver

Re: Distracted driver collides with truck on Highway 69.

Letter: Trump’s assault on civil rights

President Trump accepted the nomination for the presidency declaring he would be the sole champion for the most vulnerable.

Letter: Cellphone addiction

Can anyone understand why that woman driving her Honda vehicle on Highway 69, Nov. 14, was not fined for admittedly telling the officer on site that she had been “distracted” while using her hand-held cellphone?

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Letter: Irreplaceable treasure

Over the nearly seven decades of my life, I have been fortunate enough to have experienced much of the glorious scenery of our Southwestern states on foot with either a daypack or backpack for multi-day explorations.

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Letter: Coins OK

Regarding Mr. Israel’s letter (Nov. 9) about the Hotshots Challenge coins. Challenge coins have been around since the Roman Empire.

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Letter: Good job

I want to congratulate the Daily Courier for the great Veterans Tribute that you published on Nov. 11, 2018!

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Letter: Traffic concerns

We couldn’t agree more with Rob Esson’s “Talk of the Town,” headlined “Here’s why we oppose a multi-family rezone at Pronghorn Ranch.”

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Letter: Drive with patience

On Thursday, I had three errands: at Lowes, the Library, and Walmart.

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Letter: Dump Polman

I have to agree with letter writer Hadley Mills’ criticism of Dick Polman, but for a slightly different reason. Polman is dishonest.