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Letters: Taxes

Primarily to generate the funds necessary to pay for higher teacher salaries, “#RedForEd” wants personal income taxes in Arizona to go up — way up.

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Letters: Improper attire

With the start-up of the new school year, I find it quite unsettling to see teachers and other adult personnel depicted in the Daily Courier wearing attire that negates their position.

Letter: Congressional oversight

Given the course of events surrounding our Executive Branch over the past 18 months, as punctuated by an embarrassing performance in Helsinki, it is past the time to ask our representatives in Washington what they (Mr. Gosar) are doing to stop or check this madness.

Letter: Discrimination

Even a liberal/progressive will usually agree that a person has a fundamental right to be let (left) alone.

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Editorial cartoon (1): August 17, 2018

Editorial cartoon (1): August 17, 2018

Letter: Uniforms

Congratulations to Cathleen Cherry on winning a Fulbright Scholarship.

Letter: Outstanding work

Many kudos to Brian Bergner Jr. for his informative and much needed positive comments regarding LeBron James’s most generous educational gift to the school children in Akron, Ohio.

Letter: Integrity, fairness needed?

So Dick Polman is upset about the “Death of Truth” in relation to President Trump.

Letter: Reality check

Having participated in multiple Save the Dells and CWAG events I fail to see any benefit for either Prescott or Prescott Valley to approve the Arizona Eco annexation proposal.

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Letter: Some details

This is in response to Gary Sanderson’s letter, in which he expressed disappointment that no “irredeemable,” “deplorable,” “smelly” Trump supporter refuted his anti-Trump rant.

Letter: Immunity

There is not much doubt that legislative members have taken advantage of the so-called “legislative immunity” provision of the Arizona Constitution.

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Letters: Clear, present danger

For the moment let’s not debate whether or not Russia interfered in our 2016 presidential election and is poised to do the same or worse in November’s coming midterm elections.

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Letters: Unguarded heritage

Prescott was created by a succession of generations over a time span of more than a hundred years.

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Letters: Voices

One could laugh at the “Trumpian” letter of Aug. 2 but for the need to focus on its’ litany of distortions and untruths.

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Letters: Interesting observation

I recently asked two ardent Trump supporters a simple unambiguous question.

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Letter: Prescott’s long-term livability

Developers of big expansion projects, like Jason Gisi of Arizona Eco Development, love to tout local financial benefits of their ventures.

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Letter: I’m glad I voted for Trump

On Aug. 4, the Courier printed a letter from Pamela Beitzel. Among other things her letter says that “in her opinion” Trump’s policies serve only the three “W’s:” the white, the wealthy, and the well connected.

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Letter: Get involved

Happily, I was home to answer the door when Emma rang the bell. Her first question, “Are you going to vote?”

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Letter: Plan details needed

Jason Gisi, CEO of Arizona Eco Development, presented his thoughts in a recent Talk of the Town in the Courier.

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Letter: Heart-felt concern

I know, I get sad easily, like the pain I feel about young children being torn from their parents at the border, not to be returned for weeks and months, and some maybe forever.

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Letters: Manley Drive

Editor: I would like to know when Manley Drive became a drag strip.

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Letters: Church and state

Editor: A wall of separation between church and state

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Letters: Political history

I was a registered Democrat back in the 1960s and 70s and as a Democrat some fellow Republicans told me I was a communist because I was a Democrat.

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Letters: Top VA leaders

Regarding Nancy Hutson’s article on July 20, “Top VA Leaders Leave.”

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Letters: Name calling

You have carried op ed commentators in the past with whom I seriously disagreed, but Michael Shannon’s opinions are totally offensive.