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12:41 PM Sun, Sept. 23rd



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Editorial: There is no privacy when doing the public’s business

There is no question that laws written decades ago have a hard time keeping up with technology.

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Editorial: Pushing education hot-button during election season?

It is becoming clear that election season has begun in Arizona.

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Editorial: Sober Living Home crisis is part of Prescott’s past

The New York Times did a five-story package on America’s drug crisis, leading with the current problem, opioids.

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Editorial: Flat Earthers, please show us the edge

In the entire history of the planet there has not been one documented case of someone falling off the edge of our flat earth.

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Editorial: No excuses, get a carbon monoxide detector

We like to tell ourselves that something good must come from tragedy.

Editorial: Legislators need to learn the lessons of history

Sen. Steve Yarbrough is retiring as the executive director and general counsel of the Arizona Christian School Tuition Organization.

Editorial: Half solutions won’t solve ‘fake’ service animal problem

It’s very likely you know someone who has a pet that they misrepresent as a service animal.

Editorial: Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus

Editor: I am 8 years old. Some of my little friends say there is no Santa Claus. Papa says, “If you see it in The Sun, it’s so.”

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Editorial: Remember the people behind the news

On Tuesday, a man did what so many of us have done. He went to the elementary school near his house, sat in the audience with other proud parents, and then watched as his 6-year-old son and his classmates put on the school’s Christmas pageant.

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Editorial: Wildlife should be, um, wild

Mother Nature can be spectacular, as most residents of Northern Arizona know.

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Editorial: Time has come for toll roads

The Prescott area and beyond — the county and state — rely heavily on visitors.

Editorial: Growth is coming, manage it wisely

Transitions are never easy, and it’s beginning to look like this region is entering one that has already caused a great deal of angst among residents.

Editorial: The ‘War on Christmas’ is over

It’s no secret that conflict is a big draw.

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Editorial: Give firefighters the best tools to save us

This year residents in this area witnessed the Goodwin Fire, which forced some to leave their homes, and we paid close attention to the wildfires in California, that caused so much death and destruction.

Editorial: Governor, we have an education problem

The first step to addressing a problem is recognizing you have one.

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Editorial: December 7 should remind us who the enemy is

It has been 76 years since the Japanese surprised us with bombs dropping on Pearl Harbor at 7:55 a.m. Hawaii time.

Editorial: How do we react to these sexual harassment revelations?

“Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” — Abraham Lincoln

Editorial: How do we react to these sexual harassment revelations?

Another day and even more names of people we know, and sometimes people we respect, are revealed.

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Editorial: Enough with Deep Well and its naysayers

After two months of Planning and Zoning meetings, the Deep Well Ranch development proposal is expected to culminate Tuesday, Nov. 28, with a vote by the Prescott City Council.

Editorial: Don’t change the minimum age on marriage in Arizona

The greatest poets and musicians in history have tried to unravel the mysteries of love for centuries.

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Editorial: Court decides correctly what is a tax

Arizona voters decided in a state constitutional amendment in 1992 that any new taxes would need the approval of two-thirds of the state House and Senate before it could be enacted.

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Editorial: Frivolous lawsuits hurt everyone

Advocates for Individuals with Disabilities (AID) agreed to a deal with Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich last week that will end a rash of lawsuits against Arizona businesses in state courts.

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Editorial: Bergdahl did a horrible thing, and will pay a price

There are times we wish deciding an issue was easy. Right and wrong should be easy, right?

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Editorial: Navajo Nation keeps Grand Canyon free from more developments

There are perhaps no better guardians for the Grand Canyon than the people who live in and around it.

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Editorial: 'Banning the box' in Arizona is the right move

America loves redemption stories, our history is filled with them.