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Fri, Feb. 22
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The Friday Catchall: OK, so how about some 900-pound elephants, err, trucks in the room?

By Tim Wiederaenders January 24, 2019

School choice is a noble cause.

By John Stossel January 24, 2019
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February the 14th this year is on a Thursday.

By Wil Williams January 23, 2019

Although my family recently watched the 1943 “Lassie, Come Home” on TV, we haven’t seen the “in theaters now!” movie “A Dog’s Way Home” yet.

By Danny Tyree January 23, 2019
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A couple of my co-workers have a little routine they go through when one of them goes on his evening break.

By Doug Graham January 22, 2019

My apologies for repeating the same subject but there’s some info worth sharing.

By Tom Cantlon January 22, 2019
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Just as my annual diet has begun showing promise, my greatest obstacle to success is upon me: Girl Scout Cookie season has begun.

By Tom Purcell, Syndicated Columnist January 21, 2019
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Nearly three years ago, back when President Trump was a candidate, voters were clear on his illegal immigration stance.

January 21, 2019
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If you passed Max Acuna on the street or on your way to work, or any one of those hundreds of places where people cross paths every day, you wouldn’t give the smartly dressed 30-year-old a second look.

By John L. Micek January 20, 2019
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Are we capable of connecting two dots? The fake border crisis distracts us from the true national emergency: A suspected Russian asset sits in the White House.

By Dick Polman January 20, 2019

I was rummaging through our home library recently and was somewhat surprised to discover that we had accumulated 17 early edition books written by Sinclair Lewis.

By Dr. Ron Barnes January 19, 2019
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No matter where you look, you can’t escape it.

By Michael Reagan January 18, 2019

The long winter at Valley Shutdown is evidently growing more dire for federal employees.

By Michael Shannon, Syndicated Columnist January 18, 2019
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A lot of people now think of Prescott, Arizona, when considering where to retire, glorious downtowns, most romantic, community wellbeing, best value, and best places to see, among others.

By Tim Wiederaenders January 17, 2019

This government shutdown is now longer than any in history. The media keep using the word “crisis.”

By John Stossel January 17, 2019
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It all started in 1896. It ends now in 2019. Here in downtown Chino Valley.

By Wil Williams January 16, 2019
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I have decided to start a new custom. Joining the ranks other venerable occasions such as International Louie Louie Day and National High Five Day, I am declaring today as the first-ever Apology Day in the Quad Cities.

By Doug Graham January 15, 2019

There’s a growing conversation about transparency in the City of Prescott’s negotiations with Arizona Eco Development (AED), starting with Tom Cantlon’s column “Closed door negotiations about the Dells are happening now” (Daily Courier, Nov. 27, 2018).

January 15, 2019
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True news: Donald Trump storms out of a White House meeting after he doesn’t get what he wants (billions of dollars for a fake crisis), and tells off congressional Democratic leaders by tweeting, “bye bye.”

By Dick Polman, Syndicated Columnist January 14, 2019
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We’ll celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and legacy next week. In these angry and divisive times, we all could benefit by reminding ourselves of his words’ truth, civility and wisdom.

By Tom Purcell January 14, 2019
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Let’s play a game. I made it up over the holidays. I like to call it, “Name that Socialist.”

January 13, 2019
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Is technology innovation doing us more harm than good? My family offers proof that it is.

January 13, 2019

Once upon a time, there was a monk sitting under a large, leafy tree meditating.

By Alexandra Piacenza, Courier Columnist January 12, 2019
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If for some strange reason you didn’t already know how much the liberal media hates President Trump, you found out this week.

By Michael Reagan January 11, 2019
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It seems this year’s Academy Awards will be conducted using a no-host format, now that Kevin Hart and his dossier of homophobic wisecracks have been officially ruled out.

By Peter Funt January 11, 2019