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10:54 PM Mon, Aug. 20th



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Gosar: Why Rosenstein should be removed

I, along with several other members of Congress, am seeking the removal of Rod Rosenstein, from any job duties involving investigating Russia, Clinton, Trump or anything really beyond traffic court.

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West: Democrats - Don’t root for crazy

I used to root for crazy. In fact, as a lifelong Democrat, I was thrilled when President Trump announced he was running for president.

Shannon: Time for the rest of us to unfriend the media

The news media has a shaky grasp of the Constitution. It’s true the 1st Amendment promises freedom of the press, but the Constitution does not promise immunity to criticism.

Barnes: Becoming and being a couple

They were senior adults, slowly walking around the courthouse plaza, talking to each another, holding hands, and smiling.

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Reagan: The media’s Trump crisis of the week

What’s the mainstream liberal media’s most overblown Trump crisis of the week?

Guzzardi: A stunning dereliction of duty by the feds

The Department of Homeland Security’s latest Entry/Exit Overstay Report represents more disappointing evidence that the U.S. exercises inadequate enforcement of its immigration laws.

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Friday Catchall: Planes, fires, soul — sad day

In a world of travel, in which some people fear going by airplane, the argument is the ratio of safe flights far exceeds crashes compared with drivers and car accidents.

Stossel: Social Security fails

Social Security is running out of money. You may not believe that, but it’s a fact.

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Williams: Little Red Riding who?

The wife and I awoke the other morning and began remembering all the tales we believed as children:

Tyree: Middle America, are you ready for your face tattoos?

Like many kids, I had a dalliance with washable temporary tattoos.

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Funt: Baseball’s no-comfort zone

In a recent discussion with a Major League pitching coach about scouting opposing hitters, I thought I was being flippant when I asked: “Do you also chart umpires?” His answer surprised me. “Yes.”

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Purcell: Americans too worried to vacation

“Here we are in peak vacation season, but I’m afraid to take my paid vacation time off!”

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Jensen: A Philly man’s detention in Africa should not be ignored

When good people fight for freedom and peace, the rest of us should fight for them.

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Guzzardi: Trump’s wall is the wrong priority

Once, August was a tranquil time on Capitol Hill. But that’s no longer the case.

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Piacenza: Civilization 101 - Learn to behave

How did humankind evolve from a loosely connected band of primitive hominids whose mission in life was merely to survive, to citizens of the multi-faceted, complex society we live in today?

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Micek: Under Trump, it’s easy to like Ike

The golf clubs in the laundry room at the rear of Dwight Eisenhower’s farmhouse here are perched and ready, as if the 34th president of the United States might come and fetch them at any moment.

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Funt: Jamestown is now a very funny place

As thousands of tourists crowded into the center of town in search of hearty laughs, I walked over to Lake View Cemetery for a look at Lucy’s grave.

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Friday Catchall: School is in session; do you know the rules?

Anyone who has read my columns for even a short period of time knows I am big on safety and preparation. The most common topic for this is wildfire season — the Prescott area’s annual cause of worry and distress.

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Stossel: Ignorant Sen. Bernie Sanders

Sen. Bernie Sanders is all over the internet! New York Magazine says he is “quietly building a digital media empire.”

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Purcell: Home alone no way to work

Just as more private-sector organizations are calling telecommuting workers back to the office, two politicians in Washington hope to encourage federal agencies to allow more government employees to work from home.

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Reagan: Tweet presidentially, Mr. Trump

Trump is still being Trump.

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Bergner: LeBron James goes above and beyond with ‘I Promise School’

Raising Prescott

The first day of school has come and gone for most local kids in the Prescott, Prescott Valley and surrounding areas.

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West: Why is election security a partisan issue?

The Election Assistance Commission (EAC) is an independent, bipartisan body responsible for key aspects of voter registration, election administration, and technical guidelines for voting systems.

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Funt: News by the numbers

“Ninety percent of media coverage of my Administration is negative, despite the tremendously positive results we are achieving.”

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Shannon: How dare Catholic hospitals protect the unborn? is an Opposition Media website that assures us of its superiority and authority: “FiveThirtyEight, uses statistical analysis — hard numbers — to tell compelling stories about elections, politics, sports, science, economics and, culture.”