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Bergner: A ‘zero tolerance’ policy worth avoiding as a father

Raising Prescott

While celebrating Father’s Day with my children Sunday, my thoughts weren’t far from the thousands of young sons and daughters living in cages, wrapped in spacecraft-like blankets, and positioned in several organized rows of green floor mats, the kind that might be used for morning yoga.

Canada is actually the bully on tariffs

It’s amusing to see liberal Americans “virtue signaling” the world by “apologizing” for Trump for “attacking” Canadian Prime Minster Justin Trudeau.

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Talk of the Town: Prescott Municipal Airport has opportunity ahead

There is much discussion in the Prescott community about the future of service at the Prescott Municipal Airport after Great Lakes Airlines unexpectedly stopped service earlier this year.

Polman: Trump envies ‘love’ for North Korean dictator

Well, the so-called peace summit with North Korea has come and gone.

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Wiederaenders: News to turn your frown upside down

In a world in which we hear so many negatives — such as immigrant parents and children being separated at the border — there must be some positive news out there.

PIACENZA: Which end of the telescope are you looking through?

“There are these two young fish swimming along and they happen to meet an older fish swimming the other way, who nods at them and says, ‘Morning, boys.

Haupt: What’s a redneck martini?

Having moved around as much as I have in the past 10 years can be a drag, at times.

Micek: Trumpian values on display both here, abroad

Even as he cozied up to an evil dictator, President Donald Trump’s White House made its own brutal tweak to America’s immigration policy.

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Friday Catchall: Deputies give 110 percent, Cali-influx? and racism

It does not happen every day, but when it does our Sheriff’s deputies are ready. Here’s another side to the story…

Stossel: Patriarchy defender

“Shame on you! Shame on you!” chanted protestors after psychology professor Jordan Peterson said he’d refuse to obey a law that would require everyone to call people by the pronoun they prefer — pronouns like “ze” instead of “he” or “she.”

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Wiederaenders: Preparation and a look to the past prove valuable

This time of year brings two things – roadwork and the threat of fires.

Tyree: Should college freshmen pick their own roommates?

According to the Washington Post, at some universities, nearly 50 percent of first-year students have already screened and selected a roommate before moving into a dorm.

Cantlon: Here’s how much things are set against you

That financial and legal systems mostly favor the top, even to the point of ignoring harm to the rest, is such a given that it isn’t even hidden.

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Purcell: Skilled trades beat degree debt

When I was a 19-year-old college sophomore in 1982, my father gave me advice that makes even more sense for 19-year-olds today.

Reagan: A chance to save California?

California’s crazy “jungle” primary elections came to a blessed end on Tuesday.

Durst: Oval Office apprentice

President Donald Trump has failed at many endeavors: casinos, airlines, universities, steaks, wine, vodka, board games, two marriages, armed forces physicals, White House Communications Department staffing, convincing foreign countries to build boundary structures.

Guzzardi: Bush Sr. reminisces about his College World Series days

For the next few weeks, baseball fans will have a chance to see the game played the way it should be.

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Wiederaenders: Trash will exist as long as lazy slobs live among us

A reader recently wrote in to the Courier asking about a ban on plastic shopping bags: “Clean up on Glassford Hill Road!”

Barnes: My fellow symphony lovers

This one is for my friends who attend the Prescott and/or Phoenix symphony concerts.

Haupt: Road to Prescott Valley

The road to Prescott Valley, Arizona, from Truckee, California, should have been fairly straightforward for me after I accepted the job as the News Editor at The Daily Courier in spring 2018.

Funt: Many unhappy returns

Domino’s offers to “insure” your purchase in the event your car is crushed by a tree and you slip on an icy sidewalk causing the pizza you are holding to land in a snow bank.

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Friday Catchall: Murder, again; and bear safety

• MURDER & BOATS – It appears that Mexico or the waters near it are not the safest places in the world.

STOSSEL: Crony developments

“Are you on the take?” When I tried to get Edgewater, New Jersey, politicians to answer that question, the mayor wouldn’t discuss it, ultimately telling me, “You may sit down.”

Williams: The New York Times in memoriam

The National Football League has at last introduced a policy to deal with player kneeling during the national anthem before games.

Tyree: ‘Grease’ turns 40! Peachy keen, jellybean!

For your least-favorite local eatery, the headline “Grease Turns 40” might elicit chuckles of “I told you those bribes to the health inspector would pay off.”