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Bee on the lookout: Georgia keeper stung by $20K hive heist

A Georgia beekeeper says thieves stole dozens of hives, taking off with up to $20,000 worth of equipment.

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Watch: 2 Famed NY Glaser's Bakery Closing After 116-Years

Glaser's Bake Shop, which first opened its doors on New York's Upper East Side in 1902, says it is closing this summer after 116-years in the business. The bakery is famous for its iconic black-and-white cookie. (May 14)

Museum to display mummified monkey found in air duct

A mummified monkey that was found in the air ducts of a former department store in downtown Minneapolis last month is going on display.

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Better late than never: Library gets book 47 years overdue

A book nearly five decades overdue has been returned to the San Francisco Public Library.

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Texas town home to writer who created Conan the Barbarian

On a wall in the backroom of the Howard residence on the edge of town, home in the 1920s and '30s to Dr. and Mrs. Isaac Howard and their son, Robert, is a map of the world festooned with dozens of multicolored dots.

Fugitive accidentally dials 911, officers take him to jail

A fugitive who’s wanted in North Carolina accidentally dialed 911 while he was in upstate New York, and he’s now behind bars.

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Did a Labrador mix snap a group selfie? Looks that way

An Ohio dog daycare photo has gone viral for capturing what looks like a group of four-legged friends taking a selfie.

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‘Joggling’ record: Man sets mark for running while juggling

It won’t land him a spot in the Olympics, but a Massachusetts college student has run one of the fastest miles while juggling — an endeavor called “joggling.”

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Firefighter gets creative with marriage proposal

Firefighters helped one of their own pull off a marriage proposal.

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Can you spare a dime? Truck full of coins crashes in Nevada

Brother can you spare a dime? How about 8 million of them?

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Watch: Driver Topples Light Poles on Busy Wis. Highway

A traffic camera captures dramatic images as a driver loses control of a pickup truck and takes out light poles, sending them toppling onto lanes of a busy Milwaukee freeway. (May 12)

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Watch: 2 Rescued After Scaffold Breaks Windows In NYC

Authorities say two workers were rescued after a scaffold platform started swinging and shattered windows on a luxury high-rise more than 40 stories above lower Manhattan. (May 11)

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Michigan police department picks Pawfficer

A suburban Detroit police department is giving another cat a chance to take the law into her own paws.

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Black bear devours 2 dozen cupcakes left in baker’s car

The smell of two dozen cupcakes in a baker’s car was too much for a black bear in New Jersey.

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Father, daughter get Temple University degrees together

A father and daughter in Philadelphia walked across the stage together to get their undergraduate degrees from Temple University.

Woman angry at utility worker, leaves her suspended in lift

Police in New Jersey say a woman got angry at a cable TV worker and left her stranded in the air.

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Iowa man says his dog shot him while they were playing

With best friends like these, who needs enemies?

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Police: Grandmother, 95, jailed after slipper-slapping granddaughter

A 95-year-old Florida woman landed in jail after calling police for help during an argument with her defiant granddaughter.

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Couple get up-close view of moose that stares through window

A New Hampshire couple have gotten an up-close view of a moose that wandered into their yard, right up to their window.

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Watch: Big Bust! Coast Guard Catches 6 Tons Of Cocaine

Combined with forces from Colombia and Mexico, the United States Coast Guard reeled in a cool $179 million worth of white powder. (May 10)

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State trooper uses jerky to rescue pup from highway

A Massachusetts state trooper has rescued a dog running loose in the middle of an interstate with the bribe of a homemade snack.

Police: Masked robber identified by mom, turns himself in

Police in Long Island say a man who held up a string of businesses while hiding behind a surgical mask has been identified by his mother.

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Woman stuck in car after trying to help owl near Tucson

Arizona wildlife officials say a woman narrowly avoided injury after trying to rescue a hurt owl.

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Rescuers bitten after mistaking bobcats for domestic kittens

Three well-meaning people suffered bites when the kittens they rescued after hearing them mewling in a San Antonio alley turned out to be ravenous bobcat cubs.

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Dog rescued from Colorado wastewater treatment plant

A 2-year-old English mastiff led astray by an escape-prone hound dog is happy to be home, but still stinks after being found stranded in muck at a wastewater treatment plant in Colorado.