Printing, mailing error on select sample ballots, Yavapai County Elections announces

The vendor for the Elections Department has mailed sample ballots to the households of voters who are not on the Active Early Voter List in advance of the upcoming Presidential Preference Primary Election, Yavapai County Elections Director Laurin Custis said.

And, a printing error occurred during the vendor’s production process on 3,944 of the sample ballots, according to a news release Sunday, March 3.

Corrected sample ballots will be mailed to the affected households no later than Tuesday, March 5. If you do not receive a corrected sample ballot, then the initial sample ballot sent to your household does not contain the printing error.

Voters who are on the Active Early Voter List are not sent sample ballots. Sample ballots cannot be used as an official ballot under any circumstances.

Sample ballots are available online at, click Sample Ballots.

Yavapai County takes the election process very seriously and when issues arise, “we do everything we can, as quickly as possible, to resolve them,” the county news release stated.

“In this instance, the vendor we use made a printing error on 3,944 sample ballots. Upon discovering the error, we worked diligently with the vendor to determine the scope of the problem and to implement an action plan to correct it,” Custis stated.

“In this case, corrected sample ballots will be mailed to each affected household by Tuesday,” she reiterated.

The Presidential Preference Primary Election is March 19.

Visit the county’s FAQs page for additional elections information at

For more information, call 928-771-3248 or email

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