Sheriff's Report: Autistic child safely returned to Dewey family

(Courier stock photo)

(Courier stock photo)

On Sunday, Feb. 24, Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office (YCSO) deputies responded to a report of a found child in Dewey. 

The reporting person said that a 7-year-old non-verbal, autistic child had wandered to her home but said she did not know the child or where she lived.

Deputies began knocking on doors in the neighborhood and found the child’s home, the YCSO reported late last week. 

The child’s parents said that she liked to escape from the house, so they have bolted doors and windows shut. 

However, the handy child managed to find a window that was not as secure as was thought, luckily, she was returned safely.

Missing elderly man found after search

On Monday, Feb. 25, a man reported his 72-year-old uncle was missing from his home in Ash Fork. The man, who was thought to have undiagnosed dementia, would often wander around the 20-acre parcel but had been gone for five hours.

Deputies checked the residence, outbuildings, surrounding area, and local businesses but were unable to locate the man. A drone, helicopter, a search-and-rescue team and forest patrol were called out. Searchers found cigarette butts outside the home’s main gate, and knowing the man was known to smoke, followed the trail and located him in good physical condition, approximately two miles away.

Information provided by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office.

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