Social media blunder has drivers confused about right turns on red; current law says it’s OK when not posted

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Thanks to incorrect information being sent around the cyber world, motorists in the Quad Cities have been confused about a “new law” prohibiting right turns on a red light.

The Prescott Valley Police Department (PVPD) has been receiving questions from motorists about whether there have been changes to the law. Apparently the information shared on social media even stated the new law would be going into effect Jan. 1, said Jodi Mullins, PVPD community services supervisor.

“A few people have been complaining and flagging down officers asking if it was a new change or if misinformation was going around,” Mullins said.

She added that the PVPD wants to assure the community there has been no change to the law regarding right turns on a red light.

“Unless specifically posted that a right turn is prohibited on a red light, Prescott Valley drivers turning right at a red light are expected to stop at the light, and can then make the turn once it is safe to do so,” she added.

Prescott Police Lead Police Officer Shean Hilton as well said no changes have come through his department either.

“I asked our motors sergeant and he too confirmed that he received the most recent legislative updates yesterday and advised of no changes regarding the current state statute. And I asked around the department and haven’t heard of any such confusion by our citizens so far,” Hilton said Wednesday.

However, two such locations in Prescott where right turns are illegal at red lights is at Sheldon and Marina and Montezuma and Sheldon streets, Hilton said, adding that those intersections are posted “No Right On Red.”

Chino Valley Police Lt. Randy Chapman stated as well they haven’t had anyone contact them about this viral post. Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office also has not heard of any motorists questioning this law.

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