Frustrated customers return new Apple product for this reason

Apple’s new virtual reality headset, Apple Vision Pro, is already starting to draw in complaints from customers who purchased the product, which is only two weeks old. Many users are mostly citing discomfort as the top reason why they are returning the headset, which retails for about $3,499.

Apple Vision Pro lets users navigate apps and other digital content using their eyes, voice and hands, and since its Feb. 2 release date, customers have reported that the headset is too heavy and has caused eye strain, headaches and motion sickness.

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In a Reddit post, one user cited that they couldn’t tolerate the discomfort of the device and had to remove it 30 minutes after wearing it.

“I’m also experiencing the headaches and very obvious eye strain/fatigue while wearing the device,” wrote one Reddit user. “Yesterday I couldn’t tolerate it after about 30 minutes, and today the headache and eye pain were near immediate and I had to take it off. Gonna keep trying for the next 12 days but if I can’t adapt it will sadly be going back to Apple.”

Another user in a separate Reddit thread discussing issues with the Apple Vision Pro claimed that they had to return the product due to “extreme headaches.”

“​​I returned mine today. Extreme headaches (first in decades). i cant wear more than 10 minutes without extreme discomfort, feels like a torture session just trying to keep it on i have no idea how all these streamers can play for hours after 10 minutes i feel like im about to have a heart attack,” wrote the user.

Apple did not immediately respond to TheStreet’s request for comment.

A man with Apple Vision Pro on is guided by Apple retail employee during the 30-minute demo experience.

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Even Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, who reviewed Apple Vision Pro on Feb. 14, claimed that the headset was less comfortable compared to Meta’s own virtual reality headset Meta Quest 3.

“Quest you know I think is just a lot more comfortable,” he said. “We designed it to weigh 120 grams less, which makes a really big difference on your face.”

Apple Vision Pro weighs 21.2 to 22.9 ounces (600 to 650 grams), which can vary “depending on Light Seal and head band configuration,” according to Apple’s website. This is around the same weight as a basketball. Also, the separate battery alone weighs 353 grams.

If users want to return their Apple Vision Pro headsets, they have 14 days to do it after their purchase date.

The product has been in high demand since it was first announced on June 5, 2023. Shortly before its release date earlier this month, it was reported that Apple sold over 200,000 headsets after it opened up for pre-orders on Jan 19.

“The era of spatial computing has arrived,” said Apple CEO Tim Cook in a press release. “Apple Vision Pro is the most advanced consumer electronics device ever created.”

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