Prescott Valley Police warns citizens of security concerns with iPhone update

(Courier stock photo)

(Courier stock photo)

Prescott Valley Police Department (PVPD) recently learned of a new update coming to iPhones that have installed the recent iOS 17 update. In this new update there is a feature that is automatically enabled called “Name Drop.” What this feature does is that it shares contact information and photos between two iPhones with this feature when they are near each other. This update could create a potentially dangerous situation for children and teens where predators could obtain the child’s contact information and photos unknowingly.

To disable this feature, citizens are advised to go to “settings”, then “general.” The next step is to go to “airdrop” and turn off the “bringing devices together” function. The PVPD is committed to keeping our community informed when we become aware of information that could create potentially dangerous situations for our citizens, especially our younger ones. When we work together as a community, everyone wins.

Information provided by Prescott Valley Police Department.

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