For Your Safety: If you snooze, you may lose! (part 2)

Most victims of personal attacks typically say that once they determined that they were in jeopardy they froze and had no idea what to do.

Their focus had been elsewhere and the threat enveloped them so rapidly that all they did was scream or try to run. Granted, both responses may be helpful, but in a limited way.

Victims never thought something like this would ever happen to them and didn’t anticipate it.

When the chips are down, if you snooze, you may lose! Your welfare may depend on your pre-selection of an appropriate course of action and actually carrying it through, and the aggressiveness with which you implement said course of action may count for more than the course itself.

How do I prepare? Visualize situations that could occur wherever you are. Play the “What would I do if…” game and think out responsive reactions to different threats: an active shooter at a mall, a knife wielding perp at the park, a sudden fire in a restaurant, a car jacker approaches, or someone following you on your forest walk. There are numerous classes and books available to help train you.

Next is AGGRESSION! If we absolutely have to defend ourselves a prudent approach can be summed up by the statement: “The best defense is a strong offense,” or perhaps better yet, a strong counter attack!

Bad guys count on victims freezing with fear and not offering any real resistance to their advances. Sadly, they frequently focus on elderly people and women for that reason. You don’t see many perps trying to strong arm 6-foot-4 former Navy SEALs while jogging in the evening!

Case in point: there are countless examples of two bad guys holding two dozen people at bay when, if the people could, and would, have attacked the situation could have ended much sooner. Have you ever seen a sparrow drive off an eagle, or an old lady save her purse by beating the perp over the head with it?

So what do I do? Respond, if possible, to the attack with anger, not fear. Get indignant! Counterattacks are not part of the suspect’s game plan! Sadly, you could be hurt during a counterattack but in many cases, you will certainly be hurt if you submit and do nothing! Bad guys don’t like their “soft targets” to suddenly turn into wolverines!

K.H. Kraft has over 40 years of affiliations with intelligence and police organizations. Sources for these articles are decades of personal experience and numerous official manuals.

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