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Wed, Sept. 22

Friday Catchall: We’re all in ‘middle’ with COVID, right?

The Friday Catchall:

• MASKS — The COVID world is so confusing, especially when it comes to masks. It is the 900-pound gorilla in the room; everyone talks about masks, many people judge others (wearing versus not wearing); and a lot of dis-information is floating about out there.

The latest from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states masks help protect others as well as the wearer. That is contrary to what the CDC has stated before. It is as though this is ever-evolving, huh?

Locally, some Prescott-area residents are totally in with masks, wearing them all the time; others are completely opposed to wearing them, with some never wearing one — ever; and a few people are in the middle.

I am one of the people in the middle.

I love my freedom to choose, yet I also believe COVID is a force to be reckoned with. Those in our newsroom personally know several people who have gotten sick from the coronavirus; one of us knows four people who have died from it (they all attended the same function).

Thus, I keep masks in my vehicles and wear one when I cannot socially distance. I also wear one when going into a store. But, if I get into my truck at home and drive all the way to work without stopping at a gas station or store, I don’t wear one. I also don’t wear one at my desk; if I get up to go anywhere, I do wear one.

Today and recently, many people are upset that Prescott-area mayors have not enacted a mask mandate. If you think about it, “mandate” means different things to different people.

Add to that the idea of making not wearing one illegal. How would you enforce that? In a talk with Prescott Mayor Greg Mengarelli on Thursday, the concept of keeping police doing their jobs came up.

Would you rather have the police ticketing non-mask wearers, or continuing to enforce traffic laws, tracking down molesters, arresting criminals, etc.?

I vote for the latter.

And that gives true and clear meaning to this being everyone’s “responsibility.” Do what’s right.

Kinda makes us all in the middle, huh?!

Think about it.

• CRISIS — I also need to mention that some people say, “You cannot tell me what to do.” Look at history, folks; in times of crisis, the government can tell you what to do.

The debate is whether this is a true crisis or not.

If you consider that our economy is hanging in the balance and this itty-bitty thing could kill you, among other things, if we’re not in a crisis situation — we’re darn close.

Sadly, I have read that in one state they’re trying to mandate the wearing of masks in your own home. Then there’s another state that is threatening to jail you — if you have too many people over for Thanksgiving — but they won’t jail rioters.

Again, how would you enforce these “mandates”?

• WATER — Recently the City of Prescott had on its agenda an item that would extend use of city water to areas outside of the city limits. Save the Dells and CWAG (Citizen Water Advisory Group) members put up a fuss; they hinted at turning out in droves for the meeting and loudly questioned the proposed policy.

The city took it off the agenda before the meeting, citing in part being unable to accommodate many people at the meeting.

Knowing that the special interests voiced their concerns and the city leadership capitulated, how will the city ever get an item such as this back on an agenda?

I mention this only to make you think: People complain that special interests control government. That statement usually means the developers or some other big business interest.

It is not only that anymore.

• TURKEY DAY — Have a great, safe and happy Thanksgiving Day. Please be sure to tell others what you are thankful for.

As for me, I am most thankful for my wife and daughter, our families, health, my job, and God’s blessings and grace.

What are you thankful for?

• QUOTE — “Be thankful for the struggles you go through in life. They make you stronger, wiser and humble. Don’t let them break you. Let them make you.” — anonymous

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