Mengarelli: Who we are will get us through together
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I’ve always been proud to be a part of the unique and lively Prescott community. Our community pride, fierce independence, diverse population, small-town feel, climate, natural beauty, culture and arts scene make this hometown one-of-a-kind.

Over the years we have faced much adversity, but we have always come out better for it, and shown our strength through togetherness. The support our citizens show to one another every day is an integral part of what makes Prescott shine above other towns.

Now is the time for us to continue to stand together, support each other and remain resilient in the face of so much adversity that surrounds us. Prescott is a beautiful place because of who we are, and we are:

• Diverse but united and understanding.

• Welcoming, accepting and respectful of our differences.

• Grace-filled and forgiving.

• Proud, self-reliant and accountable.

• Full of character and grit.

• Patriotic and grateful for our veterans.

• Devoted to our active duty military and first responders.

• Helpful and protective of those we hold most dear.

• Stewards for our future generations.

• Successful and hard working.

• Supported by local government that works for us.

Currently we are surrounded with much fear and uncertainty. In order to weather this storm, we must continue to support one another while respecting our differences and working together to protect our most vulnerable. Our community has been threatened and tested in the past. Whether financial crises, natural disasters or tragedies, Prescott has struggled and mourned but come through stronger. I believe this time is no different, and because of all the values that make our community wonderful we will get through … together. Because that is who we are.

God Bless Prescott.

Greg Mengarelli is the mayor of Prescott.

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