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Wed, Feb. 19

Ask the Contractor:Sing in the shower, but don’t forget to clean it

It is not spring time; whatever possessed me to think it was a great idea to clean the shower? The ultimate shower cleaning episode took place the other night, only because I had already seen the Hallmark movie that came on at 8 p.m.

Step 1. I removed everything from the shower. How many shampoo bottles can a girl have? Soap bars, wash clothes, leg shaving goo and razers.

Step 2. I armed myself with this cleaning solution and that cleaning solution and this spray bottle and vinegar and bleach spray and my favorite scrubby non-scratching sponge.

Step 3. Where do I start? The shower pan, the wall, the doors?

I elected to spray the walls with vinegar and the doors were drenched with a product that indicated it was primo at removing water spots and mineral deposits. Let’s toss on some baking soda I said because it is a mild abrasive, which can be particularly helpful for removing soap scum. Do I pull out the ammonia and take a chance of gassing myself? Nope I decided since I really did not have a shower of built-up stubborn stains. I just wanted a little more shine.

Cleaning a shower is a chore that looms large. There is a lot of scrubbing and leaning over and generally contorting and distorting oneself into a crazy strange positions.

It is tough to turn the water and wet all of the shower surfaces without being inside the shower. You can’t leave the shower doors open. A pan of water does not really work and is not efficient, so the next best thing was to jump in and take the plunge with all cleaning gear and paraphernalia and stuff and just get to scrubbing.

At this point I had wished I was watching the repeat of the Hallmark movie. Love and romance vs. baking soda vinegar and scrubbing — what was I thinking?

I hate soap scum! And the thought of standing in the shower to squeegee off the doors on a nightly basis to keep them streak and smudge free was not something I had ever mastered. Do any of my readers to that? And how about sending in helpful hints of what you do to keep the shower spic n span!

I read that a mixture of warm vinegar and a bit of Dawn and a scrub pad does a pretty good job on shower soap scum. But then what will happen to our toes and skin with splashes of warm vinegar and Dawn while we shower.

There are so many cleaning hacks on the market for tubs and showers; use 1/2 to 2/3 cup of clear dishwashing liquid mixed with two cups of hot water, or there is a paste of cream of tartar and hydrogen peroxide or baking soda and water. I wonder if anyone has tried dry mustard yet? Has anyone tried plain white toothpaste to clean?

As I was in the shower, not singing for sure, but scrubbing, I thought about whether a particular scrubbing circular motion should be taking place, or if it even mattered. I did start by spraying the cleanser on the upper rim of the shower walls and worked my way around the shower and finished at the bottom.

My shower was not relaxing and it was undoubtedly the longest shower ever. However I do have the cleanest, most polished beautiful feet ever.

Scrubbed, rinsed thoroughly. Shower track spotless and hard water deposits are gone from the shower head.

I really want to minimize future cleaning challenges, especially the ever-present soap scum. I know, I am sure everyone would agree that wiping down the shower and drying after each use would go a long way toward keeping it looking good. Good golly I am not sure I can do that. OK — who does that?

The other cost-saving cleaning measure I heard was to switch to a bath gel. This saves on soap scum. Does that work?

Remember to dance in the mirror and sing in the shower and …

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