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Tue, Feb. 25

Letter: Economic inequality


B Lynne’s Aug. 23 column of J. Fowler’s Aug. 14 column is a distortion of what was written. B. Lynne has a reading comprehension problem, as noted by his following erroneous statements.

B. Lynne claims that J. Fowler said “there is income inequality because white men have more intellect and ambition than women or people of color.” This is a misrepresentation of what J. Fowler wrote! What was written in the column was “there is economic inequality,” as those with more intellect, knowledge and ambition produce more and better high tech products. J. Fowler did write that “most scientific progress has been a product of white males.” This was clarified by the sentence “This does not mean that women and non-whites are incapable of doing scientific progress.” There is no mention of “white men having more intellect than women or people of color” in J. Fowler’s column, as B. Lynne erroneously stated. Yes, much of the scientific progress has been the work of single white males, such as N. Bohr, J.C. Maxwell, C. Coulomb, A. Einstein, S. Hawking, B. Gates and a host of others. Obviously, B. Lynne is void of the history of science. Nor did J. Fowler write that “more successful intelligent white males will continue to be successful,” as written by B. Lynne.

Income inequality was not created by Republican legislators, as claimed by B. Lynne. Income inequality comes with civilization advances under a capitalist system that the U.S. embraces. Also, J. Fowler did not say “that income inequality will continue as more intelligent white males become successful.” One obtains income equality, for most, under Socialism, which is what most Democrats desire.

The Mueller Report did not find any obstruction of justice or any collusion with Russians and Trump. The 10 obstructions of justice and 132 contacts (collusion) between the Russians and Trump were allegations that the Mueller Report started with, and not of these allegations were found to be credible. Where has B. Lynne been?

Yes, Trump gave tax cuts to all the tax rate levels, especially the corporations. All the first-world countries have corporation tax rates between 15% and 21%, except the U.S., whose tax rate was increased to 35% by Obama! Under Obama, we lost about 90,000 manufacturing jobs, and the Trump tax cut to 21% for corporations have made our corporations competitive and brought back many jobs. Contrary to what B. Lynne wrote, there was no suppression of low- and middle-class wages, as corporations give bonuses and wage increases with their tax cut.

B. Lynne has purposely distorted and lied about the intent of J. Fowler’s column of Aug. 14. B. Lynne lies and distorts, just like A. Schiff.

J. Fowler

Prescott AZ

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