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Fri, Jan. 24

Rants & Raves: Jan. 12, 2020

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  • Councilman Blair’s comments about water are questionable. We are over-drafting (proven). He needs to show how more people use less water. He can’t utilize recharging data as he can’t say how long it takes, if it happens at all.
  • If we have so much water why can’t the City Council find water to keep Willow and Watson lakes full?
  • In a Jan. 10 Talk of the Town, Steve Blair asks why wells are drying up. Because the aquifer has been overdrafted most years, even if by less quantity in recent years than in 1999. Cumulative effect.
  • It is too bad that Columnist Tom Cantlon describes Fox News as one sided. Every time I listen to Fox I hear both sides of any story, not so with CNN, MSNBC, etc. Talk about false reporting.
  • So Trump rids the world of a murderer who has no regard for human life and he is blasted by media. How many lives were saved? The recent cartoon said it all: He is damned if does and damned if he doesn’t.
  • “Weather” I’m right or “weather” I’m wrong, I’ll still have a job. Another stellar weather forecast from the Weather Service for Thursday night. Try reading some tea leaves or acquiring a Ouija board.
  • Obama didn’t get permission from Congress before having Osama Bin Laden killed? But everyone was glad he was dead. I guess Democrats think he had more power than Trump, one of the best presidents ever.
  • Thank you, Mr. Bokelman for your uplifting letter, “My wish.” As you say, a kind gesture can make a difference that is never forgotten, as has happened to me. A total stranger smiled at a very distraught woman, helping her endure.
  • OMG, why is it that gun rights activists can’t distinguish between allowing guns for sport and banning assault weapons that inflict major damage in a matter of seconds? It’s not a binary discussion – guns or no guns.
  • “You’re too young to smoke! So we’re gonna put you in jail for smoking!” Because such tactics have worked so well for other drugs, right? How stupid are people?
  • So our mayor and council celebrate the new airport terminal and increasing housing development, all in the name of growth. Where are the plans for roads to remedy the resulting congestion or concern for the depletion of our water supplies?
  • After reading Tom Cantlon’s column, I’m wondering if he called the police to turn himself in to be arrested. His opinions often support unconstitutional activity.
  • The living conditions at the county jail, with the myriad of social, psychological, medical and educational services combined with the nutritional aspects and the availability of a Commissary Store makes the quality of life exceed 90% of the world.
  • To the Pirate: Thank you for lighting up the Pirate Ship in Government Canyon with Christmas lights. What a treat!
  • I too have respiratory issues but, it only makes sense to me that small controlled burns that clear out the “dead wood” and debris saves us from major fires and much more than breathing problems.
  • Tablets for inmates? What’s next, Espresso bars, BBQ grills, game systems? I thought it was a jail, not a clubhouse. So we’re making it easier on the deputies as an excuse for increased revenue?

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