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Fri, Feb. 21

Rants & Raves: Sept. 15, 2019

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Kudos for the scramble in downtown Prescott. The only other one I’ve seen is on Santa Fe’s downtown plaza, which seems to work like a charm while maximizing safety for pedestrians and easing frustration among overly anxious drivers.

People need to pay attention. When it says “No Turn on Red,” don't. The city could make a lot of money in fines for this violation alone. Green Lane and Willow Creek Road, Montezuma and Sheldon, Marina and Sheldon.

Curve on Willow Creek at Deep Well Ranch, poor, dangerous design. Even if you were traveling 10 mph, git r fixed!

Perhaps persons who do not vote in any city/county election for two consecutive years should be required to re-register.

The recent resurfacing of Gail Gardner Way is lumpy, bumpy and generally uneven. Public Works did not even bother to raise the manhole covers to finished grade. Why does roadwork end up being substandard?

I don't understand all the time, money and effort to save people from themselves. If a product (cigarettes, drugs, alcohol) has proven itself to be dangerous to people, and the warnings are there, why isn't it the user's responsibility?

Remembering Sept. 11, 2001. Driving to work. I listen to NPR. It sounded like a disaster drill. I got to the office and the look on people’s faces woke me up. The attack was over. We are stronger.

More than 1,600 teenagers are killed each year in texting while driving accidents. Should we ban cell phones?

What has happened to parental rights? Parents against abortion have no control over their teenage daughters. Parents who do not believe in chemo and prefer alternative medicine have the child taken away. Both examples designed to save a life?

Kudos to the PHS and city staff who prepared Ken Lindley field for football. It was smoothly run and was a pleasure to use this treasured venue. Good job to all involved.

Remember, not having a position is a position.

Why do people sit in a parking lot, with their engine running, on any day much less 75 degrees and overcast? Is gasoline that cheap or do they just want to prove climate change is a hoax?

Too many gun owners think they’re the good guys and from a distance they’re differentiated from the bad guys. To the rest of us we cannot tell the difference, therefore hurray to the businesses that ban weapons at the door.

Thank you SO-O-O-O much, Sparklight Cable (sarcasm intended) for giving us the SEC and Big 10 sports channels! How about getting us the Pac-12 channel so we can watch LOCAL games?

If folks want to retire to a trailer on an island off the hurricane prone East Coast it's their business, but stop begging for help when it gets wiped out. If you want to gamble sometimes you're going to lose.

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