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Tue, Nov. 19

All About Pets: An all-nighter!

The frozen baby food in a jar seems to suit Lacy’s troubled tummy — not a drop is spilled on the carpeting. (Christy Powers/Courtesy)

The frozen baby food in a jar seems to suit Lacy’s troubled tummy — not a drop is spilled on the carpeting. (Christy Powers/Courtesy)

Have you ever been kept up all night by a pup who urgently needed to go outside every hour or so and, fortunately, made you aware of her need? I just was and I am certainly grateful that she let me know, but it was painful. I kept hoping that relief would come her way and she would go to sleep and stay asleep - so that I could do the same.

It was quite a pleasant night outside and I even had thoughts of getting a sleeping bag and spending the night our on the deck with her. But I kept climbing back into my comfortable bed and hoping the plague would pass. Unfortunately, her last trip outside was not until five in the morning.

While she is resting comfortably now, being able to sleep all day, I have had to be up and running - but consequently, in very slow motion.

I was realizing the value of a doggie door, but also the risks. It is frightening to imagine that a skunk or raccoon could enter your home while you are trying to sleep - or at any time for that matter. I have heard of this happening, where an innocent pet encounters a skunk in the kitchen or wherever and wow, what a disaster, one that will stick (or should I say stink!) around for a very long time.

I do have a fenced yard. If I did not, I would have had to get up, get semi dressed and take her out on leash all during the night. What a painful thought.

Fortunately she is better today so hopefully, we might all sleep tonight. I certainly hope so.

While I was trying to rest today, and the two guys were rather bored, I was seeking a treat that would keep them busy for a few minutes. I offered a chew treat, but she refused it - and I realized her tummy might not be ready for that. So I offered their recent favorite - the frozen chicken baby food. She cleaned the jar. A neighbor asked me about offering these jars - thinking that the dogs might break them. My observation has been that they only use their tongues, and their only focus is to get every morsel out of the little jar. Originally, I was offering them out on the deck, but I have since learned that even on the carpeting, they do not spill a drop.

Finally, I do believe the weather is cooling a bit. And we have had some desperately needed rain. Hopefully, we will once again be able to take our dogs in the car with us when we run our errands, so that after a quick run into the store, we can drive by the court house plaza and be most aware of their pleading with us for their favorite walk. And naturally, we have extra leashes in the car in anticipation of such an opportunity.

In the meantime, I think it is nap time.

Christy Powers is a free lance writer whose passion is studying and writing about pet health, nutrition and training. She can be reached at

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